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  1. I love the baby moons and the sleeper/ornament-shaved look of the early one. What are you using for a horse on the grill?
  2. Thanks, I like 30-50's street rods, so I kinda used them as influence. I see chrome reverse rims, baby moons, and shaved emblems on alot of them.

    It's just a grille horse with flames on it, attached to the grille itself.
  3. ^^^I had to stare for a second, and then my eyes drifted to your avatar...and it explained everyyyythingggg lol
  4. where the hell have you been?!?
  5. I wonder how that wing would look on my Cobra? It may solve my High-speed traction issues.........
  6. Nah, just shave your head and tape your ears back, that should do it.
  7. I can only make a rock inside a brick so areodynamic.....
  8. :rlaugh: :owned: (yourself lol):rlaugh:

    that definately brightened up my day! god bless:SNSign:
  9. where is your alternator?
  10. dont need one, i just charge the 3 batteries before i drive it and im fine:nice:

    j/k i moved to the bottom,cant even see it.:D
  11. I have always bounced between here and, since I actually own a Maverick... Love Stangs, but never owned one!
    Well, last year I bought another Maverick, and the Mav site has exploded with members. So it tends to hold my attention now when I get a chance to get online.
    I am still where I have always been:
    Love Stangs, but can only afford a Maverick!:rolleyes:
    J/K, they are great little cars.
    For my avitar, the Chebbie is gone.

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  13. love the Sprint colored maverick. was there a sprint package for the maverick?
  14. Yep.
    Could be had with I6 or V8.
    Bench seat is most common, however a bucket interior was available.
    They did Sprint Pintos too!
    Maybe one day I can pair my Mav up with a 72 Sprint FB Stang. Hoping!
  15. She's going up for sale in the next couple months, but I can brag while I've still got her!
  16. Not as pretty as most, but different -- and I like it :D

    EDIT: - I was trying to embed them -- must not have worked?

  17. your pics arent working for me Takt