procharger on e-bay for the V-6

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  1. The pic is of a V8. :shrug:
  2. yeah i just noticed that too. strange
  3. theres got to be a typo that its for a v6 (even if the picture is wrong) because there is NO WAY that 9psi is going to get you 400rwhp, it would MAYBE get you 300rwhp.
  4. I emailed the lad... here's his response...

    [Hello, yes this is for a V6 we are awaiting a new picture from procharger as this system has just been released.

    Thanks in advance!
    Your Performane Source,Inc]
  5. there you go, MSP!!!! theres your baby waiting for you!!!!

  6. He's claiming 400RWHP!! Anyone check the Procharger website yet?
  7. blow by racing will be geting ready to test a supercharger in somewhere within 6 months
  8. on whos v-6???
  9. aftermarket prototype fx ho ?
  10. :lol:
    nope i think you are to far away for this one!
  11. The Procharger site makes no mention of a V6 version either available or in development.
  12. Yes they do .. it says comming soon .. and all the stats and price say TBD .. To Be Determined :banana:


    Here you go .. I dug this up off another thread that I had posted about the Procharger... (see picture below)

  13. i want someone to explain to me how you think its possible to get 400rwhp from 9psi of boost. its not possible. from 191rwhp to 400rwhp would take in the 14-18psi range.
  14. Yea, and see them get those gains without other modifications to the car! I want to see that.
  15. Reading the description in more detail, it looks like it comes with everything you need.
  16. 9psi MIGHT get you to 300rwhp.

    Just think, air pressure at sea level is 14.7psi.

    *roughly now*
    14.7psi = 210 bhp
    23.7psi ~= 345bhp... or ~300rwhp

    If you are then adding 9 more psi, it's not going to magically double the efficiency of your engine.
  17. This proves without a doubt, that the V6 Mustangs are bad ass, and can be viewed as a suitable alternative to the GT's, for all out pure Muscle car Mustang performance..

    Another kit which backs up Powerhouses find, that our engines in stock form, can match or exceed stock GT engines.. In fact, they can be suitable matches for stock 03,04 Cobra's, Vettes and many other performance cars..

    The stock engine as it sits has what is needed to become a full blown supercar engine..

    As we sit here and examine the facts, they all come back to one thing.. That is all of us made the right decision.. Yes we will have to plan our upgrades based on how much we are trying to do, but overall we have pure performance Mustangs.. As evident when you press the gas on a stock 05-v6 engine when your head snaps back into the seat within a N/A situation..

    Guys!! Welcome to the party! The Mustang 2005-06 V6 Party!.. We are in it for the long haul.. No need to hold back anymore.. No need to be afraid of being insulted by GT owners.. We are a whole new breed of Mustang owners.. :nice: