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  1. oh can those type bungs be welded to a set of Trickflow covers? trick flow covers fit fine..oh yeah do those bungs have a baffle?...or does it need being its going to a catch can anyways...
  2. I don't believe they have baffles and I would assume you can are your covers aluminum or steel? As far as needing them I don't think they will as they are going to a catch can anyways
  3. ok yeah makes sense...i think the TF cover are aluminum...
  4. You got a magnet? That's the way to tell
  5. yes I do I will go check...thanks...Im guessing if there not I would need new valve covers then,..
  6. No they make welded steel an bungs cus I just had to order two more for this catch can I can't drill and tap it it's to thin
  7. Cool thanks...I have to see what size fittings I bought I have everything to do my catch can lines,fittings,catch can and even the bulk head fitting that don't need to be welded..just don't know if they will fit...I might need to go with the ones you just posted and see if I can get them welded in...
  8. Well find out if they are aluminum or not ya know because it'll be hell trying to weld dissimilar metals lol
  9. Oh snap! I'm late to the party here lol. Mike is getting all sorts of work done! You won't need baffles since its all going to the catch can anyway. I have no baffles in mine and no problems. Fwiw.

    Gerard, if you need a set of covers done just pm me. You know I'll hook you up!
  10. image.jpg
    @84Ttop got em just now nick they look awesome!! Hate to do this but I'm gonna get em powder coated just don't know what color to get yet. Or maybe I could get them hydro dipped the same way my intake is I'm torn but either way I can see myself in the covers that to me is freakin awesome hahahaha
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  11. Man those are sweet!!! Good work @84Ttop! Question is..... why aren't they on the car yet?:stick:
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  12. may I ask the price ?
  13. You can ask nick for the price I had to do special things for my price (he loves locos tacos) and they aren't on the car yet because I want them a different color either powder coated flat black or something I don't really like chrome
  14. I vote hydro dip to match intake.
  15. I think hydro dipped would be bad a$$!!! Glad you like them Mike!
  16. *Packs up valve covers and addresses the box to "Nick": not the one at the North Pole*

    There.... That should do it. :nice:
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  17. @84Ttop shoot me a pm on the price if ya want
  18. Will work for tacos**
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