Project Hawaiian 5.0 Progress

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  1. Here is some pics of my progress so far on my 90 GT.I The car is from Hawaii so it was 99% rust free.It onle had a few spots of rust in the door jams so I cut it out and welded new metal in.Over the winter I'm converting it to a 5spd doing a five lug swap w/94 spindles and fox size axles 13" Cobra brakes in the front and 11.65" in the rear.I'm trying to decide if I'm going to run black 10th Anv rims or black FR500's.:shrug:

  2. wow.... nice work!!
  3. Wow, you did the entire progress in the 1st post. Thats pretty impressive :nice: lol it looks good, and yeah, FR500s would look sick on that thing!
  4. Your car looks great, real nice job. It looks like it was a pretty big project from the pics.
  5. nice work man, but is there really a "winter" in hawaii? :D
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  7. Do you live in HI? Nice GT.
  8. The body work was done over the summer in six weeks.I'm going to start the five lug swap in a few weeks as soon as i get all of the parts.No I don't live in Hawaii a friend of mine picked it up out there when he was Marines and brought it back to IL.
  9. nice work...
  10. Well I got most of the front and rear suspension off my car this morning.Now I need to decide what springs and rear control arms to go with.I want the car lower than stock but not so low it's scraping the ground.Maybe Ford racing B springs?I was thinking about Granatelli Motorsports Weightjacker Control Arms Granatelli GMCA7998WJ Granatelli Motorsports Weightjacker Control Arms
    and their adjustable upper rear control arms Granatelli GMCA7900U Granatelli Mustang Adjustable Upper Rear Control Arms
  11. steer clear for fear of granetelling parts, they are a cheao imitation knock off of maximum motorsports control arms
  12. your just a mm nutswinger
  13. be that as it may, i have many other companies i would recommend other than granetelli
  14. Thanks for the heads up on the granetelli stuff.I may just leave the stock control arms in for now. I have lots of other things to buy before summer if I want to get the 5spd in and the brakes done.
  15. Well I got the 255lph fuel pump in today and rebuilt the trac lock.I found a easy way to get the spring back between the spider gears.Use a C-clamp and a small piece of metal and I just screwed the clamp down and it went right in.New B springs came today also so I should be able to get all of the suspension back together this weekend. :D

  16. Todays progress! :D
  17. Lookin awesome!!:nice:

    I might've missed it but...what rims are you gonna run?:shrug:
  18. I'm going to run black FR500's with 245/40/17 on the front and 275/40/17 on the rear.