Project -- It's about time -- 89gt

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  1. You guys are moving fast on that car.
  2. Trying to bro......trying to! Its exhausting!! :bang:
  3. Jonathan is in the middle of buying a house and everything is in storage. We brought the engine to my house to start assembling it some more since he got more parts.

    He ported the Gt40 heads himself and had the machine shop mill them and put new bigger valves in them. I forget exactly what size they are but they will flow alot better. Heres some pics to get the thread going again.

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    We installed a new B cam in place of the F cam that was in there. Installed the heads etc.
    Out with the F cam
    View attachment 219006

    In with the B cam.

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    I let Jonathan lube his shaft. LOL

    View attachment 219008
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    In go the Lifters and Timing chain, prep for heads.

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    On go the Gt40's with New Ford Racing head gaskets and new ARP head bolts.

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    View attachment 219014

    Intake and valve cover mock up The 1.6 rockers are there but we are waiting on new push rods.

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  4. Sorry some of the pics were blurred. Tryn to hold the camera with out getting it all dirty.
  5. you're good at oiling that shaft :lol: what are you doing with the f-cam?
  6. :lol: He lubed it up like a pro!!!! I think he may have some experience lubing his shaft.:rlaugh:

    The F cam now belongs to Bobbystang.
  7. I sold the the F cam to BobbyStang for his 89 hatch.
  8. I see you found your way to a computer...... Is Tiff real mad at us?
  9. No computer. I'm rockin my iphone! She is playing the silent game with me. Which is AWESOME!!!!
  10. I love the silent game.... Its better than the nagging/****ing game...... :D
  11. :rlaugh: Amen
  12. NICE work!!! Can someone do me a favor??? What is the correct measurement of the frame rail from the firewall to the radiator support? Is there a website I can find it on?
  13. That's one of the older Eddie intakes, right? Looks good!
  14. Thanks. Yeah, it's an older one I had sandblasted and powdercoated.
  15. Glad to see this going again and great progress!
  16. Now waiting for more stuff and bolts and stuff................
  17. It won't take long to get the stuff. Thanks for all the nice comments everyone.
  18. I need Insperation!!!!
  19. I just went through all 9 pages and there's not a single picture of anything:notnice:

    Sorry no inspiration, just a complaint