Project -- It's about time -- 89gt

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  1. Congrats on gettin so much done though!!:nice:
  2. congrats can't wait to see it done
  3. Send me the pics Ill get them hosted.
  4. Hey,Thanks Shawn. Where have you been.I tried calling a few times.You dodging me?:( J/K lol
  5. you know he is! :rlaugh: J/K man. But you need to get some progress pics on here or were gonna have to call :bs: with all this so called work being done. :D peace

  6. I called you 2 times saturday.
  7. Ha, Yeah.Right after i posted that i checked my phone to see if you called and it showed that you did.:shrug: Sorry,Didnt hear it.I gotta send some pics to you to post for me.
  8. HA......Rust Sucky!!!!! Its just on the Passenger side.Everything else is Extremely solid!
  9. Both would be easy fixes correct? Just cut and weld seeya. peace

  10. What kind of primer/sealer are you guys using?
  11. We are using Matrix.
  13. Still here and still SANDING!!!!!!
  14. NICE engine bay!

    i've noticed several guys have smoothed the "notch" where the sway bar gets mounted. how do you re-install the sway bar when you block off the mount?