question about stage II and tuner kit

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by striped, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. on they have somthing called the Stage II HO kit....heres the link to the kits. ..... is this basicly the tuner kit with a smaller pully. Im asking this because its priced more then the tuner kit and has every thing you need for the kit, unlike the tuner kit. It also says it can run 11psi.thanks

  2. wait... I don't understand what your asking.
  3. The tuner kit dosent come with a FMU, fuel pump, computer chip, ect. The other, more expensive kit, has all that.
  4. k, there is a kit called the HO stage II kit listed right above tuner kit. I was asking if the stage II HO kit was basically the tuner kit with every thing needed to install it.....

  5. none of those has everything u need, u still want a fuel pump and injectors at least
  6. I just called them and they said it comes with every thing besides the injectors. Do u guys think i should just get the tuner kit and buy every thing from or use there FMU and custum chip and buy my injectors from turbo ford. Im going to order when i get my info right so i need help asap.thanks