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  1. The car was on a hill in that photo. There's nothing wrong with it. The photo I posted, with the hood and trunk open, was taken more recently than my signature. That's what it looks like on flat ground... I did NOT lower the back. There's nothing wrong with my car. As I said before, the suspension is getting completely redone in September. Lets let it be now?



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  2. It's so much fun having such a big 4200+ pound 4 door car be quick and handle so good. It's a blast to drive!!

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  3. I was there when they wrecked the car. I actually think I have it on video somewhere. Glad he came out ok.
  4. Take your springs out, and cut 1.5 coil's in the front, and 1 coil in the back. Cheap man's way of lowering a car, that's how mine is done :nice:

    I like the orange BTW.

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  5. What color are the springs up front? I seriously would think there is some drag launch springs in there.
  6. Washed and waxed it before the rain hit today..

    Got the Powerstop slotted rotors and HPS pads on too. Much quieter than the HP+ pads and the dust flakes off.

    Cons about coming from an autocross pad to the street performance pad is the great performance to above average. This still performance miles ahead of the stock pads that came with the Mach1 Calipers originally, but I might go with the HP+ pads next time.

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  7. DSC03180.jpg

    I know this isn't very recent, but the Stang hasn't changed much since this picture. Plans for some changes are in effect.
  8. Any reason you went away from the brakemotive pads/rotors? I've had mine on a year, and I'm starting to like them less and less....they dust a lot more than they used to, they are starting to make noise, and the coating on the rotors is definitely on the way out. I'm considering going to something else when money allows for it.
  9. Here's my recently purchased 02 with 45,000 miles. Bone stock for now.

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  10. I still am running brakemotive's rotors which are the slotted ones.

    The HP+'s I was running before basically took the fronts out of spec within 20 months and about 22k miles. The rears were in good shape although I bought the set of 4 rotors. Then I went with HPS's all the way around as well.

    I haven't had any complaints about the rotors, but I'm trying to find a pad that either offers better than stock braking without any dust or a pad that offers race level braking that is quiet under braking.
  11. No need to get offended. I'd recommend choosing a different sig then. Also, I've never seen ride height affected by a hill either.

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  12. Great lookin car man, not very many low mileage 1999-04 GT's out there. Mines at 99,046 miles now...:(

    Here are some recent pictures of it.




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  13. Thanks True. Here are a couple from yesterday.



  14. Reminds me of my car. Looks good. I vote keep it stock looking.
  15. Both of the last 2 cars though need to be lowered.. even if its to C springs.
  16. Here's mah baby:


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  17. mustangsaleenwheels003.jpg


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  18. haha, I can dig it.