Restore Ideas......Let me hear them and see pics :)


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Mar 31, 2011
Hey guys, I'm new here. I use to have a 02 GT that was my pride and joy and sold it when I lost my job in 2005. I got back on track and decided to go with a Foxbody. I just bought a 88 LX Hatchback 5.0, 48k original miles, she has a little front end damage and the frame rails got slightly tweaked, but all more then repairable, couldn't tell by looking at the car.

Well its Regatta Blue on Regatta Blue. So I want to repaint it the original color but throw a spin on it, maybe more metallic? put a pearl in it? that way its fresh and new but original color. The interior is where I want the most ideas, I'm thinking about doing black carpet, black seats, then salvage the blue plastic and parts of the door panels and clean them up as new.

Let me know your thoughts and post some pics of your mods or different paint you went with :)
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Jul 13, 2003
If you have the porno blue interior, I think you should restore it to factory mint condition. There's nothing like a mint interior in those funky 80's color themes.

With that said I converted my 86 red to black and put the cheesy 70's woodgrain dash panels but my interior was WRECKED and hardly any parts were salvageable, and canyon red 86 parts are hard to find!

Oh a sweet pearl would be nice! A hint of purple would look cool on the blue base I think...


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Feb 18, 2001
Nothing wrong for clean porno blue...if that's what it is. 80's cougars have blue tweed sport seats that would look great swapped in. Have seen it done.

I only mention this because all too frequently, a good clean red/grey/blue interior is thrown out in favor of a painted or poor black interior.

I'd rather have a clean blue interior than a ratty/painted black interior

But nice job on the some pics!


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Mar 31, 2011
Yea, I did think about all black to be honest. But the more I think about it, how many do you see restored back to the original color? Only thing is the panels for the interior quarters and hatchback area are kinda beat up from someone hauling stuff in the hatch and scraping it up some. So I think I would need to repaint them and smooth that out some. I'll take some pics to show everyone. Is there a paint to match it up with the original Regatta Blue?

I saw the backseat delete on one of the restoration websites that I can get in regatta blue. But I need my plastic to look like new. Does anyone have a pic of the regatta blue tweed seats? Have a idea where I could find some?


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Apr 19, 2011
Corona , California
Crank congrats on the new arrival!

And i agree that regatta blue seats/visors/headliner a black carpet would really be vibrant and stand out.

As for the factory original seats, we manufacture those here at TMI in Tweed and Vinyl. Below is a URL link to the seats we manufacture for the 1988 LX, (but yours of course, would be blue tweed & Vinyl)

These seats can be purchased by any of our authorized dealers, many of whom are on this forum already. Great companies like 5.0 Resto, CJ Pony Parts & Mustang Depot.

If you would like to see any samples of our material, shoot me a PM with your address and i'll get them out asap for you.
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