Rio Red Progress Thread...

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  1. That Looks Sick!!! Very Nicely Done!!
  2. Meh, it looks ok I guess....

    :D just joking. It looks killer my friend. Job well done.:nice:
  3. Job very well done. That son of a gun looks GOOD!
  4. Man that car looks like ****. You were better off spending all your time/money on MM suspension so you can copy me, so much for originality :rolleyes: Better at least get some power in that **** so its not just some queer ass 2v.
  5. WOW! that looks amazing
  6. Pure awesomeness :hail2: I cant believe how far your car has come from a plain jane GT to this. :nice:
  7. I didnt even realize your car was in bad shape when you purchased it. But, she looks killler man. Really nice.
  8. :rlaugh:

    Thank you!

    Thanks man, it's crazy how it looks and feels like a completely different car now.

    Yeah, it wasn't really ragged out or beat up or anything, it just needed some love. It only has 58k on it, but the hood was a disaster and the rear bumper was scratched up, interior was filthy, it needed some mechanical work, etc. Now she's 100%! :D Thanks for the compliment dude :nice:
  9. looks awesome man! props on shaving the cobra lettering on the rear bumper!
  10. Car looks awesome Chris!!! The shaved rear bumper is a nice touch, & the 99 Cobra hood works well with the 03/04 Front. The painter did a great job.

    Not trying to be a downer, but there is 1 thing that bugs me though on all cars with 03/04 Fronts that have no intercooler, the lower part of the radiator support is so visible. Paint it flat black & that should help make it not stand out so much...
  11. Thanks a lot Dustin!! Maybe one day my car can be half as nice as your Mach. Funny you should say that though about the empty space in front of the radiator support. I guess that's the perfect segway for me to introduce my next mod for the car... :D


    This will be arriving at my house in a few days. It's a single kit designed by Mike Arnett at TCI (Turbocharged Innovations) to mimic a Hellion kit. It's brand new and coming complete with all coldside piping, a Hellion Downpipe, all clamps/bolts/braided line, and a TiAL 50mm BOV. I'm still debating which turbo to run with it. I may run a Turbonetics 62-1 on the stock motor until it pops and then step up to a MMR900 shortblock and T76. Once my wallet recovers from all of this expect some big changes. :nice:
  12. [​IMG]

    Turboed 2 valves...:drool:
  13. O lord, Didnt see that coming lol. Going to be sweet!
  14. Can't wait to see you pop that lil stock bottem end! Turbo is gonna be sweet man. I'm very jealous!
  15. Oh... Well in that case, Im sure that space will be made to good use!!! Its gonna be a beast with that under the hood...:hail2:
  16. I'm pretty sad to hear this, that car looked promising, but the new car is looking good, i like all the 03 cobra stuff you added on there.
  17. turbos are gheyyyyyy mmmmkay?

  18. Thanks for the compliments, Jeff. I was really disappointed in the '84 t-top coupe as well, especially considering I let my termi swap car go in the process. That notch was one of the prettiest, but least mechnically sound cars I've ever owned. At least it fetched a pretty penny when I sold it off. The car is now somewhere in Indiana, giving someone else an ulcer.