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  1. Yeah going onto FEP and mentioning aero swaps is just plain dumb...

    I agree, wait a year or two, the paint can wait, take it as a gift, but use the gift later, no big deal. Fixing dents and dings is one thing, trying to repair rust and 1/4 panels is another. Dont dive in to deep!
  2. ive got my eye on a 90 SC at the moment.........
  3. is it just me or is ryan the new underpressuregt (aka joe) the douche who asked for advice and than picked fights with everyone once he got the advice he asked for?
  4. Ahem my brotha :D
  5. You keep saying that's the only coupe you can find, so keep looking. Don't buy it just to have a car. Wait until the right one comes along. I wanted a Mustang since I was your age. I started looking when I got my license, and just this past August I found what I wanted. It took me over 2 years to find it, but I have yet to find a better deal, and I don't regret buying it. That car is a pos, and the whole situation is sketchy. Take everyone's advice for once, and don't waste your money on it. I've never been into bashing you like a lot of the people on here, but come on man, use your head.
  6. fuggit, let the dumass spend his money on a stolen rusted out car. maybe then he will realize that every person in the world that is older than him may actually know something he doesnt.
    personally if his dad lets him buy this car I think he should be **** slapped too. no way in hell I would let my kid bring home a garbage heap that I know I would have to sink my own money into.
    peace out, I'm done
    RsGstang great car man!
  7. ive decided im going to buy a Supercoupe!!....i figure this way i can just save up and one day buy the 5.0 ive always dad gave in and said find.....

    ive found one for 900 that needs some brake waiting to here back from the owner.
  8. i had a stang when i joined....i sold it.:shrug:
  9. good now go over to the superbird forums and raise hell there.. GTFO of my thread. To everyone who said nice car to me thanx. Ill post more pix later on..
  10. i told you i liked it...look at my early post.
  11. This back and forth bull**** should really be put to a stop by a mod. RsStang has always been an instigator and is always pickin' on this kid. I say :ban:
  12. And you never instigate anything? Take a walk pal.. Nobody cares what you have to say..
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