Fox Shock Choices???????????

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  1. Ahhhh don't kill yourself. I have time. Still fiddling around with other parts...
  2. For you guys out there still following the original theme to this thread, "SHOCK CHOICES????"

    I personally just picked up a set of Tokico Blues. There is a difference in the 79-90 cars as opposed to 91-93; the spindle bolt pickup points has a narrower mounting space. Mod Plates are made to overcome this difference if you happen to find a deal on a set from the later years....

    After a bunch of researching, I also picked up a bunch of OEM quality bushings for the 4-links areas. My car is street only.

    I can't give you any feedback on the Tokicos' yet because I haven't installed them, but I will get back to this thread with a report when I do.
  3. Cool man, I'm currently searching out struts for a 90. I have koni str.t on the rear but I don't really wanna pay $150 a piece for the front struts, I too am a street only stang and something like 230 dolla bilstein's would be totally unnecessary.
  4. Shocks and struts really are one of those things in life where you get what you pay for. Looking at your brand choices in the thread that just disappeared, it's clear you're shopping to a price point. You can do that, and then be unhappy, and then do it again later, buying better units that you should have gotten in the first place, and net out spending more than you would have to do it right, once, the first time. If you have Koni str.t's in the back, you can't go wrong with also putting them in the front. Don't confuse KYB's overly stiff compression valving as being "good". They suck. Their rebound control, which is where it really matters for handling, is not that great, and their resolution, or how much effort it takes to make them move in the first place, is terrible.
  5. I have the kyb's in a 95 gt w ford racing springs. I think its been 3 yrs since I put em on and I like em good enough. But if I remember right it has the "gas-a-just" all the way around and not gr-2's in front like what I'm seeing now for sale on the net. I hear ya on the "ya get what ya pay for" but I'm not trying to break and records I'm just crusing the streets. I also need to get the damn sportlines off of the 90 and swap em out for another set if ford racing b springs like the ones on the 95, the sportlines are beating me to death. I also need to freshen up the front end: new rack, rods, and bj's. So that being said I need to spread the money around and there's not a whole lot to spread. Oh and also I need to get the rear main sesl replaced. I'd like to have a 600 horse superstar that can pull 2g's on the skid pad but its not in the cards my man. So yeah I'm shopping at a price point, trying to find something that's better than a Gabriel since they need replacing anyway but something that's not an arm and a leg that I don't really need. I doubt I'll be crawling under to adjust the shocks to head to 7-11
  6. Whoa, hoss....I think you're misreading my advice, but it sounds like you're pretty set on your decision, so carry on. Here's one last thing for you not to pay any attention to: It's not the sportline springs that are beating you up. It's the struts and stale old balljoints.
  7. Hmm
  8. I have the Tokico blue struts upfront, mine is a DD and i feel it rides pretty good and has some good all around performance :nice:
  9. Not that it matters much these days but- made in china. Just like everything else
  10. Sounds like someone has an itch they can't scratch or needs to see the doctor about a venereal disease......Hoss
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  11. hpv. My piece is a carciongen
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