Progress Thread So check this out (exhaust problem) and progress on the 89

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  1. That VHT vinyl dye is pretty cool. Do you know if they sell a fabric dye as well....or is the vinyl dye multipurpose?
  2. Multi-Purpose... It's actually called Vinyl and Fabric Dye. I've done a set of cloth visors before. They came out pretty good.
  3. Cool....been throwing around the idea for a while now. Picked up a set of seats at a flea market. They look like they may have been black at one point, but there's evidence for me to believe they might just be a dark, charcoal grey. I was thinking of giving them a once or twice over just to darken them up a little to match the rest of my interior?

  4. Decide on the gloss black or satin. I prefer the latter. BTW... I give two thumbs up to the VHT vinyl prep (if you thinking of doing plastic or vinyl at the same time). For the cloth stuff, I wet it down, scrubbed a little, dried then sprayed. Just make sure there's no oil of any kind in/on whatever you're spraying.
  5. Well... I think I got it all dyed today. So tomorrow I plan to put the center console back together. I'll post pics of that. I won't be able to install until my next visit up north.
  6. Have you ever done cloth seats with the stuff? Does it wear well? Will it come off on your clothes? I understand it can be a little hard and crusty afterwards, but they soften with use.
  7. I have not. Only cloth seats I've ever had were in too bad of shape to bother.
  8. Gearbanger 101

    I think I might try that on this 89 though. If I get the chance to do it before you pull the trigger on your project, I'll report back.
  9. Fully painted center console... I'll tell ya. The armrest was kind of PITA to get back together.

    2013-04-25_12-24-49_390.jpg 2013-04-25_12-25-01_943.jpg

    Still need to reinstall the cig lighter and I'm working on a sheet metal fix for the armrest latch. Other than that, it's done and just needs to be put into the car and all the plugs and ash trays etc, popped into place.

    I think I'm going to fab up a block plate where the radio sits. Don't think I want to put a radio in.

    They call for 7 days for the dye to completely cure.
  10. Dude. That looks kick ass. I'm stealing this dying idea for my panels that need a refreshing. Very nicely done.

  11. Thanks... I lost count of the number of coats on each piece. I went through 3 1/2 cans though. Lots and lots of light coats... rinsed and repeated the next day (without using the prep on day two obviously).
  12. Soooo....for some weird reason, I had to special order the VHT Vinyl paint as nobody around here carried it in stock. Which I strange, as they seemed to carry everything else made by VHT?

    So I ended up picking up some of the Duplicolor Vinyl and Fabric spray and touched up my center consol a little. I had to replace the rubber seal surrounding the emergency brake handle, so I figured why not give it all a go. Stuff actually works really well.


    Also cleaned and hit my Trick Flow Track Heat intake with a few coats of the black VHT high temp "Wrinkle Plus" paint and damned if it didn't turn out really well too.

    sp201_030210.jpg of said parts to come.
  13. Gearbanger 101

    Nice! Yeah, I really like the stuff. I had to order dye here too. They had it here for me the next day, so it wasn't bad. It's a lot more flexible than paint. Never seen the stuff flake off of something.

    You'll have to let us know how the Duplicolor holds up.

    Did you try the carpet thing yet?
  14. On the seats? No, not yet. Gotta find a day that I don't plan on driving it right away. lol
  15. I remember once we tested the Duplicolor and a Rustoleum vinyl dye at work, to "paint" a symbol on a seat. For the life of me, I can't remember which one, but one of the two worked amazingly. We even sprayed it on paper, let it dry, and folded the paper, and the dye held up even at the crease in the paper. We sprayed the same stuff, one coat, on a piece of vinyl upholstery, let it dry, and it took very aggressive scratching with a piece of steel to get it to come off.

    The reason I can't remember which one worked the best is because we decided against both for mass production... We went with a riveted-on label, haha. Spray paint (and adhesive, for that matter) tend to get pretty messy in a production environment.

    Anyway, if the VHT is anything like the stuff we tested, I wouldn't hesitate to use it on my car.
  16. Any new updates here ? Did you get to finish the rest of the re-dye ?

  17. Not yet. It's still pretty much the same as that last pic. Since then, I've moved states, started again at college, and am now in the process of moving into a new home. It's been tough to get the time to work on her.
  18. You moved states ? Can you move New York to a warmer climate ? Time to work on the car ? You have zero time . At least your keeping busy . In any case enjoy the car just as well .
  19. What's this car look like now?