So Whatever Happened to those Days?

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  1. OMFG!!!:eek:
    IT's ALIVE!!!

    Glad to hear the GBM is doing well, however, knowing your propensity for causing things to suddenly and spontaneously erupt into large fire balls, I figured you would try to get a job working for one of those demolition companies that use explosives to implode buildings............:nice:
  2. See? I told you he was still lurking out there!

    I always had trouble buying into your theory that the GBM was devoured by a pack of feral kittens! Although, his description of his dating partners may actually be very, very close:p
  3. No, that would have been me.
  4. You know if you're quick enough, you might get a chance to buy Super's big 460 truck.
  5. Well whoever the hell it is, PLEASE, quit breathing down the back of my neck! Unless, of course, it's you Chelle! ;)

  6. if shes busy im always free :canada:

  7. You want to breathe down the back of Fritz' neck????? :eek:

    Um, er.................

    I think I'll go hide in my corner of the Closet now
    You stay over there in your corner!

    Hey Chelle, can the Closet Keeper Chick come visit me?
  8. Actually I think it's propane you're feeling...
  9. Now you know why I sleep with my back to the wall!:eek: