Something to think about....why not to get a 05 mustang

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  1. Do you really think that looks bigger than the current model?
  2. Either way it's not as good as a real classic.
  3. because there are regulations on bumper size and hieght correct?
    oh well, whne my bros friend rearended my bros car with the rear of his car, it was his friends car that took the beating, the dualies sticking out tore right into his bumper =D lol
  4. it reminds me of a fat chick wearing spandex...
  5. excuse me while i.....

  6. we get so much use out of that barf icon,,, lol
  7. u guys serious; i've be embarrassed to be seen in a POS mustang; my BMW M3 kicks all mustang asses; admit it; you envy BMW owners
  8. flamexorxz!?
    for half of us, if we wanted to drive a beemer we could...
    i dont like them, the looks... but maybe because i like the sportyness of the stang... not to mention most BMW drivers around here are ASSWHOLES and think just because they drive a more expensive car than some people they own the road (ive almost been struck by a few)
    so, yeah, go back to your M3 loving boards, we dont come to yours and state that your all envious of our car because ours actually looks good
  9. I'm calling BS.
    No one that types like this could ever own ANY car, much less a BMW.
    I've known 1st graders with better grammer skills.

    So, little kid. Go back to you car magazines dreaming about BMW's. Then maybe when you grow up, your parents will be able to afford to buy you a Hyundai or a Scion.

  10. even if his parents bought him a BMW, thats so uncool and typical and preppy... lol
    I simply equate BMW as being on par with Mercedes performance.
    My brothers closest friend had a Mercedes (my memory is horrible, either c230 or c320, or e320 or e230) Kompressor Lorinzer Hatchback coupe thing, and that was much slower than my brothers 01' GT convertible, and thats a pretty sporty mercedes. i have no idea how fast (and dont care) the M class is... i also dont like its looks (ie reasoning for getting the sexi sexi beast that the mustang is)
    ill stop rambling now
    and now were just fooling the poor kids fire, we dont care what u say, were not going to change our minds about our cars?
    We live in AMERICA silly child, where each person can make their own choices and decisions, and shuld not be persecuted for them. So u can go back to germany with your BMW and shuv it
    I need a drink (errr... thats ginger ale for the kiddies)
  11. BMWs all look the same except the 2 seaters. The angel eye headlights with the seperated grille. They hood is always slightly raised somewhere on it to give another angle. Then theres the same old taillights on the back of every Beamer but the $120k v8 or v10 model. At least Mustangs have variation, plus the aftermarket will crush every other car making 100s of different variations possible. Cobras look different than GTs which are different V6s. Then theres Saleens and Roushs.

  12. It looks kinda plain to me. :(
  13. yeah, the V6 does look a little more plain than the GT... atleast it cooler cutouts and a spoiler... which brings me to notice that the exhaust has a cutout on this! thats bad for us after market people! our dual exhaust will look horrible if it only had one cutout!?

    Notice the dual cutouts (dur) and lip on the back, and the spoiler!!?!?!1
    also it has a different front fascia than the GT... wonder if these are all production pictures, one would think it would be more costly to make 2 different sets of bumpers, one good one plain? lol

    also, notice the more 'import style' muffler placement (i wonder if this will sound better/worse? one would assume louder maybe?), i fear that this will lead to some "GReddy" exhaust kits put on there by mustang rice boys =''''(
  14. they did that so that they could finally move the gas tank inboard to a safer location
  15. That's funny. I thought of the same exact thign when I saw the '05 in person. Hopefully the aftermarket companies will address the problem without going to mufflers with 8" tips.

    Another thought would be a single transversly mounted muffler behind the rear differential. I haven't seen what the undercarriage looks like, but if there's room it wouldn't be a bad idea. Camaros used tranverse mufflers for years with great success in performance.
  16. I guess you can't blame Ford after all the crap they've been getting from those asstards on 60 Minutes about exploding copcars and Mustangs.
    Idiots won't let that Pinto thing go. They must not realize people die in other kinds of cars too. :rolleyes:
  17. awes, i guess maybe thats why they changed the gas cap to the other side of the car... (also they moved it to the C pillar in the GT-R concept, very sweet) i like the way the gas tank looks back there... =/
  18. the 05 still doesn't do it for me. i gotta admit i don't like the direction the styling of the mustang went. It just doesn't look tough. And the way steeda and other companies are styling them, it reminds me of rice rockets. seems to me they're trying to make a car that ricers would buy. this whole fast and the furious shi.. got out of control. i had higher expectations. let's just hope the body style after this one won't be ass ugly.
  19. very very bland. PASS.
  20. Since when do BMW come to a mustang site, I recently road in that BMW SUV, My Mustang rides nicer and is a hell of alot more comfortable.

    Besides, BMW is Germany's version of Pontiac.

    Sorry If I'm a little late, Didn't mean to bring it back up.