spiders and bugs and webs OH MY......

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  2. :lol:

    Ouch! Make it stop! Make it stop!
    *as i'm rolling on the floor laughing in the computer lab while all the other nerds look at me wondering what's so funny*

    Probably one of the most entertaining "technical" forum posts.
  3. I saw these pictures and thought of this thread. The guy was driving down the freeway going to work. He heard a loud pop and thought it was a tire and pulled over. Tires were fine and lifted the hood to find this... Wouldn't that be nice to find?


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  4. Jesus, that snake's disgusting. I have been thinking of moving to the US from my dump of a country but if you get snakes and spiders like that I aint going nowhere. (yes , I am a sissy:D )
  5. That snake probably crawled on the warm engine after the car was parked. I had a cat do the same thing. What a suprise when I started the engine.
  6. Ouch, Did the cat ever do it again?
  7. I don't think that is a snake of US origin. Is it a python? We just have copperheads, rattlesnakes, water moccosins and coral snakes that are venemous. The only spiders that I know of that are fairly venemous are the black recluse (black widow) and the brown recluse (fiddleback).

    You might have to worry about bears or alligators here depending on where you live.

    Don't you guys have anything interesting over there across the big pond in the way of animals or insects?
  8. Probably even worse stuff than we have here. You know, like roaches or gophers or something. :D
  9. YES!! Haven't you ever seen American Werewolf in London? We may have spiders and snakes, but we don't have Werewolves. :D

    Oh, as far as the neighbor, just remember "Flaming bags of dog poop on the front porch at 3 AM is funny" :D You could always fork his lawn, just take a bunch of plastic forks and stab them into his lawn. Let's see, if you want to get malicious, put bologna on his car over night, duct tape a dead fish to under his car at the firewall close to the exhaust, brake fluid on the paint of his car in a nice 4 letter word.

    I'd stick to just looking at him like you did something or are planning on doing something, and keep him wondering. :)
  10. OK.....So i found the culprit...the queen.....the splinter in my ass which kep spawning and spawning hahaha

    it was in the rear 1/4 extension on the right side of the car...you know...that body piece that is next to the tail light that removes by a few bolts...

    You can see the spider well but it was a little bit bigger then a silver dollar

  11. Ummm. Nice photo :nice: :D
  12. lol dont hate

    The camera i have a piece of **** hahahaha
  13. Trying taking the photos further away?
  14. Well i did but i was trying to get the spider up close but all that came out in the pic were the egg sacks... which are also conveinently scatterd along the frame haha
  15. Eh, maybe draw us a picture. :D
  16. Well I guess this is almost the end of a very intertaining post! I would like to thank mustangman70 for all the laughs. :lol:
    I have read this post a couple of times and still get a big chuckle out of it.
    Now, hopefully you killed that mother and progress can continue on your project.
  17. You're still in trouble if that big one was just one of the "kids". This thread has been going for a few months now....
  18. lol well... i think this was the biggun

    I dont see anywhere else she could hide exept for the headliner or under the car in the frame somewhere lol

    But i shall say this since i killed her i havent seen any returning webs :D

    Also for the record i never bombed it or anything... i just starting tearing the car apart and when i got to the rear molding i was like...DAMN i bet thats the one who started this army lol

    If you read back into the thread i stated how i walked out one late night with a flashlight and saw it...and it saw me and it skurried up into the bumper...well....i bet the extension molding was right where it went to lol it just took me a month to get the car stripped to find the sum **** hahahaha