swapping parts from a 302 to a 351

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by StangYellow, Dec 29, 2003.

  1. I want to upgrade from a 302 to a 351. The 302 is carburated with a 650 holley DP, x-303 cam, gt-40x heads, edelbrock performer rpm intake, 1.6"lifters. I want to know if these are compatible with your average 351w block. I know the intake manifold is, but i wasnt sure about the heads. Anyone know what can and cannot be swapped onto the 351? And also what upgrades might you reccomend. Thank you.
  2. your intake wont due to the fact it is a wider block the cam might if it is a roller 351 block your bellhouseing and trans will bolt up. You can also use your stock motor mounts (i would get alum mounts) you will need a higher hood and new assesory brackets too.
  3. excellent, thanks man
  4. you should be able to use your front mounted accessories as well (ie. water pump/timing cover/alt/etc.)

  5. ya you can just not the brackets since they are built for a 302
  6. lower intake wont work, youll need 1/2 in head bolts, oil pan is different i think....dist is different, then the acces brackets but i think thats it...