TCP IS out of business :(

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  1. I've recently formatted my hard drive, so I'm pretty sure there was nothing cached for me. But it's not working for me now.
  2. It is working perfectly for me.
  3. Didn't work last night, is working tonight. Very strange.
  4. Not really, sites go down like that, especially when attracting alot f traffic looking for big announcements like "We've been sold."

    And yes, I AM an expert on the subject (sites going down.) :)
  5. yay they're not quite OOB in my books lol.
  6. well, that sucks
  7. When I first found out about them I was extremely excited about what I was going to do with my project when the time (well the money really) was right. I got pretty POed that they were shutting down, but after thinking for a short while, I have come up with an idea for a rear suspension that is simpler, closer to the original, and would weigh less than the TCP one, and have more room, ie, wouldn't have the Watts link under the diff, or the frame. I wasn't too impressed with the whole cantilever coilovers anyway, just more moving parts to break. Also, I wasn't really impressed with moving the weight on the front suspension to pulling on the bottom ball-joint instead of pushing on the top one, seems less strong. I haven't heard of any failures, but I still don't like the idea.

    Anyways, after all that, and looking at global west, I have decided it is probably better that they shut down, as you can get quality parts cheaper, MUCH cheaper, that utilises the same basic original layout. Sure it isn't super-dooper coilover stuff, but you could build your own for cheaper than they charged.
  8. yeah global west makes some good stuff, but i have yet to hear about a rack and pinnion that works as well, and i really do dispise my original style steering box.
  9. Well, you my friend need to check this out although they haven't quite got LHD R&Ps.
  10. racks not available in us yet.
  11. route, have you driven a car with one of their racks?
  12. Nah man, but if it fits Falcons up to XF and IMPROVES upon it, it's pretty good.

    I had a 1983 XE with stock power steering, and it was a dream to drive, almost no effort at all to turn the wheel, and no play that I could discern. The rack is meant for older cars, so it fitting up to XFs doesn't really mean that it improves on the steering of those cars, although I doubt it would degrade it.
  13. Route666, is the RRS rack at all similar to the later falcons after the xc? i only ask because if it fits all the way up to xf that would mean that the xa thru xf are basically the same uni-body right? if that is the case it seems like anyone with an xa thru xc should be able to do a relatively straight forward swap to rack and pinion. just wondering i've always liked the aussie falcons and would like to own an xb-gt or clone someday. also i think ford was using that same platform in other countries during later production (like the xe & xf) and some of those may have been left hand drive, if that is actually the case we might have already had a ford engineered rack solution available and never knew about it. what are the odds of that? ok you can tell me how wrong i am now. just kind of pondering out loud
  14. Are you asking if someone could swap a rack out of an XE or something? I think the steering in my XE was umm recirulating ball hey, I'm pretty sure it was. Was good though. I'm not that into falcons, don't know much about them hey, sawwwy. I was into the xa, b, c until I saw a mustang, and realised there is a better looking car out there. Now I look at the xa, b, c and think "Man that's fat." since I'm used to (and in love with) the lean, mean 69 body.
  15. guess i mis read your post and was thinking the xe-xf already had rack and pinion. it's late, sorry
  16. check out they have a coilover strut and rack and pinion conversion that works very well with the early stangs. the really cool thing about their conversion is that it is all bolt in, and you use sn95 spindles and brakes, you can even use the cobra brakes if you are so inclined.
  17. No misreading, I'm not even sure myself, but I'm pretty sure it had a steering box. Whatever it was, it was good anyway. A little TOO light maybe, like it was basically use enough force to move the steering wheel as if it weren't attached to the steering. I'm sure if it was R&P, we'd be doing it all the time, so I guess it mustn't be hey.

  18. do you have this set up?
  19. Before switching to fatman, I'd check out the geometry first. Strut setups usually do not have the same amount of camber gain as dual control arms. While the fatman setup may work very well for every day driving, it might be less than optimal over dual control arms for any performance applications.