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  1. The rear seats were an option in 1966. I believe that all the Hertz cars came with rear seats.

    Now here's one I bet most of you don't realize. 1965 GT-350's had louvers on the rear quarters. The famous rear quarter windows came in 1966.
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  4. The 2000 Cobra R did not have a rear seat either.

    The 05 Mustang GT is the most powerful base V8 Mustang ever produced. The Cobra's and Mach 1's are faster, but they've never been at this price point, either.
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  6. I would **** slap my wife if she ever told me that the Mustang GT exhaust was too loud. Get with the program man. If your wife gets a headache just from the GT's loud exhaust, you got major problems. The last woman that I knew who had a "rattle in her brain" from loud noises ended up getting a size 12 boot from me. A woman who doesn't know how to appreciate a car like the Mustang GT definitely needs a to go see a psychiatrist. Maybe he can get the rattle out of her brain.
  7. i think he meant in terms of wind/road noise?? looks to me as though it'll have some wind noise. but a nice exhaust takes care of that
  8. Oh, then that's different. I misunderstood what he meant there for a minute.
  9. Omg!

    OH MY GOD! a Whole 4.4 Inches Longer! If your pecker was only 4.4Inches long I doubt We'd Hear you complain that 4.4inches is too long! What the hell? LMFAO!

    And what are you people talking about, the mustang getting bigger every year? HELLO it's been the same freekin' size for 25 years now!

    I for one Welcome every inch they added to the 05! I'm 6'4" and have very broad shoulders, and the current Stangs are just too cramped for me to drive comfortably.

    Has anyone compared the size of the 05 to the 64/66-67/68-69/70-71/73? This is By NO MEANS, A BIG CAR! Some people just aren't happy unless they have something to piss and whine about!

    I Guess it has gone over these guys heads that YES THIS IS THE MOST POWERFUL BASE V8 STANG EVER! Oh Hell Why Couldn't Ford just reissue the Mustang II, that would make these guys happy!
  10. Of course I have. The 2005 Mustang will be the longest Mustang ever, except for the 1971, 1972 & 1973 Models

    1965/66 - 181.6"
    1967/68 - 183.6"
    1969/70 - 187.4"
    1970/71 - 189.5"
    1973 - - - 193.1" - 1973 was the first year for bumper regs.
    1974/78 - 175"
    1979/93 - 179.1"
    1994/98 - 181.5"
    1999/04 - 183.2"
    2005/?? - 187.6

    However the extra length is not a big deal to me. Note that the 2005 Mustang is only 0.2" longer than the highly revered 1969 & 1970 models.
  11. Ford is coming out with a more luxurious Mustang. It will be called the Cougar.
  12. That makes a good point. The 2005 is only 6" longer than the 65-66 that is often called the "small Mustang". You can account for the length increase purly from the good bumpers.

    TampaBear67 -- Good points! :banana:
  13. Wow! 0.2 inches! -----> <------

    I guess it wouldn't be StangNet if people didn't **** all the time... :rolleyes:


  14. HELLO! This is My Point! We're only talking 2/10ths of an inch here.

    I never understood why people RAG on the 71-73's for Being So Huge? Their Design looked Heavier But I dont really see them as huge! I Love the 71-73's but I do prefer the 71/72 over the 73 as I like the Front Bumpers Better. My Mom Bought a New Off the Showroom Floor 73 Mach1 and she doesn't like the 71/72 front at all.

    The Thing I Like about the 71/73's is that radical roofline on the Mach1/Fastbacks. I love the fact that it's almost a straight line from the top of the windshield to the tip of the Kamm Back Tail.

    I DO NOT Like Any Coupe or Convertible Mustangs, except certain 67/68 Coupes. However I would have a HARD TIME buying a Classic Stang as I Really Do Love The 69 Mach1's, about the same as the 71/72's, but there again I don't like the 70's because of the loss of the outer headlights, and the loss of the scoops in the quarters, and the 05 Strikes a Perfect balance to me.

    Anyway, the point being, with all of the safety, performance, and handling advancements that the 05 offers over these "Classic Mustangs" I can't understand How Anyone can **** over 2/10ths of an inch compared to a 69/70 or 4.5 Inches over the 99/04's when you compare the propotions of the 05 to the SN95's Proportions!

    Quit 'yer ****IN'!
  15. Hey, let your friend have his own dream car. My husband likes his H2. I never dirve it and I NEVER let him dirve my 03 Cobra. Although, we share our 98 Viiper, he cleans it, and I drive it.
  16. Whats with the f***ing center console

    Whats with the f***ing center console? It looks an awful lot like the camaro one. I was checking out the pics today, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Is it just me? :bang:
  17. Man the complaint thread it going to get longer.
  18. What's wrong with a center console??? :confused: I find them to come in handy, what do you want, empty space between the seats? :(
  19. This is good though. Look at the last 3 complaints.
    Mustang too long, Mustang too loud, the center console looks like an F-body.
    That means they did a whole helluva lot right if that's what people are coming up with as far as complaints are concerned.
    Hopefully little nitpicky things like this will be the main criticism 10 months down the road.