The completed Turbo/T5!

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  1. My 93 Mustang with an 86 TC engine/T5. If you have questions, just ask. I never did post any worhtwhile pics. I'll be adding an oil pressure gauge and putting all three gauges under the radio. I used the TC seats, even though they are blue/gray, they are very comfortable. I was able to retain the A/C too! It runs great, finally. Installing a new wastegage acuator tomorrow to correct a "no boost limit" issue. Here are a few, enjoy:nice:

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  2. Looks awesome!
  3. Dan man. I take it you did know what you were talking about in the other thread. :) looks good buddy. Do you recommend paint before or after job? I was thinking after.
    Will take a year or so to get money and parts. Probably get an engine stand and rebuild the 2.3T in the garage. It'll look pretty too.
  4. Nice looking. Maurice
  5. Thanks for the kind remarks!:nice:

    Still sorting out a random rough idle issue, and still haven't installed my new wastegate actuator (not due to laziness, part didn't fit right, chasing down solutions). Other than that I'm very happy with the power it makes.

    Immediate plans call for new struts and shocks. I recently added the rear sway bar from my '86 TC donor but haven't had a chance to see how it has improved handling. I'll also be swapping on the quad shocks. When I have the time, I'm going to remove the locking unit from the TC's rear and install it in my diff. to retain 3.73:1 gearing. On the exterior I still need to rebadge it and replace a piece of trim moulding on the driver's fender. It needs new sunroof weatherstripping, door belt moulding and a passenger side window run channel. I also have the dreaded door droop, and the real fix is welding on a new lower hinge since new hinge bushings ain't gettin it.:( I'd also like to install a new windshield since the previous owner apparently used to clean it with 80 grit sandpaper.

    That's my plans for now........:flag:
  6. Double Post
  7. Kudos

    Very, very nice. Good job ! You should be proud. Did you do the paint yourself ?:nice:

    PS I like the Hurst "chrome" shifter, too. I put one on the '79 Capri I built
  8. Looks good!

    Probably a good idea on using the TC seats- for some reason they seem to be built better than the Mustang seats, I never got the annoying seatback "twist" with mine.

    Also- if your '86 TC was a 5 didn't have 3.73's. In fact, I thought that all pre-'87 TC's came with 3.45's regardless of transdmission. Can't remember now, I know the '87-88 5 speeds came with 3.55's and autos had 3.73's.
  9. Car looks great man!! I really do like those seats too, I think I might have to try to find a pair with the same colors, I think they would look great in mine with the crystal blue interior already! But seriously top notch work,:nice: thanks for posting the pics!
  10. Thanks guys! I appreciate the kind words. I'm currently fighting with a crazy once in a while issue, but other than that, this car is a ton of fun!!

    To answer some questions/comments:
    I didn't do the actual spraying of the paint, I just did all the prep work. This was the 2nd Mustang I've had painted, I'm getting better at it. The key is to remove as much trim as possible, it makes the final product look so much better. From 10 feet she's a beut, but it does have some orange peel. For what I paid the guy, I'm satisified.

    The rear end is the stock 7.5 inch open diff, which because it was an automatic car it has 3.73's. What I am going to do is just take the trac-lok unit out of the 86 turbo coupe (which Red LX is correct, had 3.45's) and put into my rear end. So voila, 3.73 w/trac-lok rear!:nice:

    The seats are comfortable as can be. I dont' have the gangsta lean, just the driver's seat creaks. When money permits I'd like to recover them and at that point fix the creak. I'm also trying to figure a way to tastefully mount the 8-way adjustable controls so I can have both seats be powered just as they were in the TC.

    Although I do like the Hurst look, I've ordered a new shifter boot, bezel and knob from LRS to make it look factory. The turbo coupe's boot and shift knob looked like poo, so I had the Hurst laying around from a prior stang. I'm a little bit of a melvin, I like things to look like they at least "could" have come that way from the factory.
  11. Car looks great....very simple and clean.
  12. Thanks Justin! I've gotten a ton of my restoration stuff for this and other fox body's and new edge stangs from you guys. I love the fact that guys like you and AM exist. For the record, I looked to you guys for my gauge/radio mount and was surprised to see you guys don't carry that anymore. I'm sure there'd be a huge market for you all to carry these. Here's a pic of what I was looking for except I got one with 3 gauges, not 2 plus switches. Thanks!

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  13. You know what, I think I've got AM mixed up with LRS on that particular part. It was AM that doesn't carry it anymore. IIRC, that item was the only one I needed at the time and I was being cheap and didn't want to pay $14.95 shipping at LRS on a $40 item.:rolleyes:

    However I'll be in the market for a set of 16" pony wheels/tires in the spring and I'll be glad to pay $14.95 shipping!

  14. Ahhh shipping on that part would only be $6.99! Sorry we lost you on that one, but let me know when you need some wheels and we will make it up.

  15. My bad!!! I thought every order was $14.95 to ship. I will pay closer attention in the future. There's been several times in the past that I needed a relatively inexpensive item and I didn't pull the trigger because of that. That's my screw up. Thanks for letting me know Justin!:nice:
  16. Not your screw up, we had recently re-vamped that whole system to accommodate for things like that. Pretty much if the part is under $100 and is a small package, a pound or so in weight, it ships for 6.99 and still goes UPS vs. USPS like others are doing.
  17. Excellent news!:nice: