The honest to god definiton of rice...

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  1. Thats nice but I would really learn to think and respond in your own way. Also, I will make no atempts to learn peoples internet personalites. If you want me to get to know you its going to start with you being in West Texas.

    This sounds a awful lot like Stock car racing to me.

    If you click on the "Whats a Rally Racing" part of that link, It clearly states that "these cars Must street Legal." If you continue to read that section it goes on to say "these cars offer special apeal since they are the same cars used in there daily lives." If you read that whole page you will see it says nothing about a body straped on to a more powerful chassis. Now if you turn your attention to the "getting started" link on that site. It states "there is almost a class for almost any production type of car". Now this could be used to prove there maybe trucks in Rally Sport racing but a production model not a Baja truck :rolleyes: If you scan down a little futher it mentions you first car, "1) If its setting in your drive way and its payed for, it could be a rally car." That is all from the NASA Rally Sport link I gave you so If you have a problem please contact them. I still have to stand my by what I said about, I don't think there would be a truck in this type of Rally sport racing and a FWD would do really better than a RWD car.
  2. not a body strapped to a different frame, beafed up things like a rollbar, tires and suspension, i would never take a stock wrx on pikes peak!
  3. well, i think when there are trucks in a rally.... its ALL trucks... they dont race against the other types of cares, if that makes sense...
  4. These cars are used by civilans as daily drivers for rally sport racing.

    I guess one could look at two cars differently because one of them has a roll bar and subs while the other does not. I look at a car differently when the car has a tube chassis etc that don't come stock on the rest of that line of cars.


  5. Blah blah where off topic trying to figure out whos right about whether or not a damn truck can compete in a Rally Sport event against FWD/AWD type cars like a WRX/EVO :rolleyes:
  6. WRX > EVO
    i loves my subies!?
  7. I really hate them all but If I had to buy a foriegn car is would be a WRX. Everytime I see a Mistu I think of all our guys who died from Zeros they built in WW II. I know its silly but I just can't help it :(
  8. They should open another forum here at StangNet that deals with "rice" issues. I mean everybody has something to say about it.

  9. Well if this is true than the FordGT, the new mustang and the cobra are all big time rice. Ha ha yall have a ricers site.

    Reason I say this is cause an Asain had a hand in the desing of these cars and since he said ANY car made by an asain and those were then they are rice. Which also means that the newer hondas are american and definatly not rice unlike the FordGT and mustangs. Cause they were desinged and built by americans in america.

    O and please see the humor in that and irony of it all (as well as my bad speeling).
  10. But, I'm the only one that is right :rlaugh:
  11. Just when I thought DFW people where ok :nonono: :D

    Speaking of, I'll be in Dallas this Monday but not in a Mustang. I wonder if I can find some street racing on a Monday night :p
  12. I don't understand your extreme defensiveness about import cars, Pro-hawk. This is a Mustang site ya know!
    Around here 10 sec street cars are very unsual. 12 sec vettes are considered pretty hot. (nos not included).
    The desert racing I'm talking about is not rally sport. RS is often included in the big desert races. Baja races, Vegas to Reno, etc. is what I mean. In our classes 20 to 40 vehicles start and maybe 7 to 10 actually make it to the finish. Ford puts a lot of money into the sport. Maybe you saw Fords commercial for the F150 that showed a truck repeatedly flying high thru the air like a motocross bike? Last Baja race, F-150s won 1st,2nd,3rd,and 5th. Our Team Lokasenna F150 did not finish in trophy truck, but our prerunner Ranger came in 7th. Check out OFF ROAD magazine. But this is off topic.
    Many people have a strong brand loyalty, and many have a loyalty to American cars. And I don't mean domestic copys of ricercars. Mustang enthusiasts made it clear they don't want a ricer style car like the Probe. Ford even aknowledged this when they kept the solid rear axle on the new Stang instead of the independent rear suspention they considered. They knew many Stang owners like to do a bit of drag racing. I am glad the new Stang is made in the traditional american design. I grew up with great American musclecars, and they remain the only cars that really get me excited. Italian supercars are fantastic, but put me behind an american v-8 and point me down highway 50 with the top down. Don't get any better!
    Hey, If you are so impressed with imports why do you mess 'round with these stangs? Go get yourself a little Honda, a bottle of juice, and build that little lawnmower motor to the nuts. That make U happy? Yuck.
    Just got back today from Park City, Utah where we had our annual Pony Trails ride. Jeff Ford said it was his last trail ride as Mustang Monthly magazine has other plans for him. (One of my cars may be in an upcomming issue!) General concensus among everyone I talked to was that ricer means Asian import. Period. BTW, got to run with an 05 stang and tour the factory where they make aluminum bodied COBRAS! Took lots of pics and got a couple posters!

  13. O 2 things first the good part, you lucky sob I would love to have gotten the chance you did to run with the 05stang and get to tour the factory.

    the second thing is something that was mentioned in the thread is that if they really wanted to avoid rice the v-6 and gt would not look alike, they would not have the lil' wings, and the hood scoop would actualy ingest air on all the car to go for some purpose (even if for cooling).

    just pointing out that all cars have there ups and downs depending what context you are looking at it from.

    Yeah I own a compact SRT-4 but that is cuase that was in my price range and it's a fun lil neon....that right I said it neon I am comoing out of the srt closet I own a neon whew I feal better now LOL

    But I love the cobra and will always like american muscle. O and in case some of you forgot when the body style changed up from the 5.0 look and even the look there is now, many of the old school guys were up in arms saying that the car looks like a eurotrash piece of crap and not a real mustang. Some love the look and the look of the 05' some hate it. I think partialy comes down to what was out when ya grew up.

    Me I like fast cars period. And yeah while our neon will end up being as fast as a cobra (even a somewhat modded one) I know that it won't ever have that kickass V-8 sound :-(
  14. O and for the whole buy american thing it's funny own a dodge but it's actualy a canadian/mexican car while buddys hondas are made in the good ol' usa.

    Talk about confused
  15. Jakancub; "Well if this is true than the FordGT, the new mustang and the cobra are all big time rice. Ha ha yall have a ricers site"

    Yea, yur funny. This MUST be a ricer site!
    I NEVER mean ricer in the racist sense of the word. I don't even use the term "*** Crap" myself cause it sounds racist to me. If an asian guy worked for Ford means nothing at all. I hope they hire people of all kinds. Even dumb *****s like me.
    Yes some ricers are ASSEMBLED in the USA. And it's better than sending ALL the money to Japan. But they are not American owned companies. Neither is Crysler for that matter.
    The Cobra was a unique case cause it used American engines in a body/chasis built 'cross the pond.
    The GT is a eurotrash wannabe that I want more than any other car in the whole dam world! Never will afford one though.
    So I'll just keep driving Stangs long as they don't start makin' 'em like ricers.

    BTW, where DO you put in the rice anyway? Behind that little chrome door?

    "so when your subaru is over and your honda's gettin' weak,
    I'll be cruisin' down the backroads with my baby next to me,
    in my sweet little '66" Steve Earl
  16. PS... Stangs are Not made in Canada/Mexico, Asia, Europe, and are not assembled from asian parts by an Asian company in America.
    They do have some imported parts to help hold down the cost, which is sad! but they were Made in Dearborn where countless cars were made going back to old model As. By American tax paying workers, by an American owned company, and built to American design standards. American engine, tranny, rear end.. FORD POWER to the ground. So I WILL give you that "buy American" stuff. Some of us still care.
  17. mad ein dearborn? mine says assembeled in mehico... on that little sticker on the door (i think its there somewhere!) but then again there were 2 places that they were made right? (we both have 95' stangs)

  18. what chrome door?

    And you said and I quote "Ricer; Any car or motorcycle made by an Asian or Asian owned manufacturer or in an Asian country"

    And well right there you said it yourself in your post, and an Asian did have something to do with the design therefore it must be rice LOL

    As for saying this must be a ricer site and most in that post was meant as humor. The net kinda messes up inflection and things that you can see in real life sadly and so many times I seem to come acrossed differnt than I mean to be.

    I love the stang and I was just kinda making light of the whole thing. And yeah mopar was bought out by an overseas company, but then again honda helps make the race engines as well as toyota for the ford race cars and while mazda is called rice at times it is owned by ford. The idea of nationalism anymore is kinda lost cuase pretty much everyone is inbed with everyone else and that is good cause more info is shared.

    People use to and still tease honda guys about Vtec yet (even the stang) usues some form of it. And heck for all I know everyone could have been using something like that for a long ass time Honda just marketed it better.

    And trust me I bet there are more guys happy to be working for honda here in the states then there are guys happy that mopar and others moved there stuff down into mexico.

    Heck ford owns plants down in mexico. Pretty much everycompany has out of the states plants anymore for cost.

    Sorry if any offense was given to ya.

  19. Umm actualy the design standards are actualy foreing ones and ideas and plants and machines that are done by peopple other than americans.

    when I said don't give me that buy american stuff I mean that if you look around buying a dodge gives less money to americans than does buying a honda. to be american buy a honda. There have been many magazines (yes even stang ones) that have pointed out that "imports" are becoming more american then the standard american ones.

    If I didn't care about the USA I would not point this out to people. Heck I didn't know my dodge was gonna be a canada/mexico car when I went to buy it and actualy I still would have bought it cause I really like it. Then again my last car was over 90% korean so now that I think about it while I might not buy american I do encourage people to look and find out where there stuff is from so they can if they want.
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