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Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 1990Coupe, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. Merry Christmas to me! More progress :)

    Flowmaster Tailpipes:








    For SVT:



    My only gripe is the fact that they are not polished all the way up and over the rear axle. I needed these pipes though because of how they are routed because of the rear tire size. All in all though i think they look bad ass which was the goal :)

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  2. Damn - that car has come so far. Very nice :nice:
  3. Thanks alot man! I'll tell you what. It came out way better then i thought. It runs absolutely BEAUTIFUL. It's the best, most reliable mustang i have ever owned. And the majority of it is stock too. I love it!!!
  4. sweet pipes man!! how do you like what they did to your exhaust note? those look like 2.5" (?) i'll be ordering a set of the 3" flowmaster tails soon... the tails i have on my coupe now are hacked up stock LX tails the PO welded cheesy 3" tips onto :mad:

    Chris :nice:
  5. Nope they are 3" flowmaster pipes. They route differently then standard LX tails. Before them i only had dumps, and there was a drone and such, i like the sound MUCH better with the tailpipes. I'll try to get a sound clip up in a few days :)
  6. Frickin sweet bro! I can't wait to hear them. I wish I got to hear my old 5.0L with tails....nice job!
  7. Haha yea man it changed the sound a little bit. I can be in like 5th gear at 1400 rpm and not go deaf anymore lol.

    So i was thinking, what if i paint the half of the exhaust thats now polished black with some header paint????

    Suggestions?? :shrug:
  8. Hmmm....that might work, tailpipes don't get as hot as headers, but they still get hot. I actually like the polished tips man...goes good with the wheels. I would just wetsand the half of the pipes that are NOT polished and by them time you start....say 600-800-1000-1500-2000 grit and polished them with some aluminum polish, the rest of those pipes should match the polished tips.
  9. No way? you mean i could actually polish up the unpolished part a little bit???? I didn't know that :shrug:
  10. dude, your car is turning out amazing. one of my favorite foxes on here :nice:
  11. haha thanks man! I think that when i replace the rear bumper, pull off the tow hitch, and get a fresh coat of white paint on it, thats when it will be respectable! :)
  12. Oh yeah! For sure. Like I said just start low and work your way up. Then get that mothers powerball. You can get them to really shine.
  13. Justin the pipes look great and fit like a charm huh?

    I had the exact same gripe as you, and wondered about grinding down the weld (you know where the polished meets the satin) and then polishing it up past where you see. I'm not sure why they didn't do this from Flowmaster but then again, I dont know why anyone does anything.

    I will have those tailpipes again, someday!
  14. They fit and look awesome. The fact that they are not polished all the way up kills me, but i think i'm going to attempt to polish them up a little bit. I love how they route under the gas tank it gives it almost the look of an IRS in a way. I actually had a muffler shop weld them up for me, this way i knew it was done right. Its the only work i've had done on the car by someone else minus the alignment :)

    I may have to try to grind off the welds, or get them smooth.

    EDIT: ORRRR i could put a cobra rear bumper on it to hide those welds?
  15. Is that a trailer hitch i see under there??
  16. Yes thats a trailer hitch!!! If I had jet skis, I too would have a hitch on my car :D.

    Cant hurt to go to town on the tails this winter. If you mess up, maybe pay someone to polish them?
  17. Another option might be powdercoating them. I'm planning on powdercoating mine in "almost chrome". It looks as close to polished aluminum/chrome as I think you could get. Plus, the finish would be durable and easy to clean. They make "header" powdercoatings in some finishes(black,silver,grey) also. I think with the reduced heat at the tails, they would be fine powdercoated. Just an option. Car looks great!

    PS: If your thinking about a cobra bumper, please do the rest of the ground effects also, JMHO.
  18. HELLLL yes thats a tow hitch!!!!

    unfortunately its extremely rusted and i think it would fall off if i were to tow anything. I'm going to remove it in the near future when we have a warm day.

    I was considering powder coating them, but i just had them all welded up so i'd have to cut them to remove them. I think what i'm going to do is attempt to polish a small piece of it. If i can successfully do this, i'll go ahead and grind down the welds with my grinder, and polish just the areas that are visible from behind, and the side.
  19. How much are those tailpipes?