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Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 1990Coupe, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. Like.. 250.. I paid 275 with shipping :(
  2. I found some never mounted for $200 to my door. :D
  3. Thats a good price!
  4. Yup, then sold them for $200 to my friend... Things have been through 3 owners, and on a car for about 30 seconds.
  5. Car sure has come along way, looks tits! :nice:

    Now you need to clay, polish and wax that bad boy :banana:
  6. yes i need to clean it up again...

    I was thinking.. what do you guys think about a cobra spoiler, with a cobra grill insert???

    I have to pull the wing off anyways because the standing water and whatever else thats under there has left some surface rust that needs attention, i figured maybe i could add the cobra spoiler. The Saleen one brings just way too much attention and i wanted the subtle look. The cobra grill insert is i'm up in the air about, i just wanted to get all the emblems off the car, and a running pony grill would be bad ass i think :shrug:
  7. You should do the cobra grill insert. A mustang should have never been offered without the pony in the grill, imo. You might think about this spoiler. To me it's the best production spoiler ford made. Just leave the emblems off. Plus the cobra spoiler looks a little tall in relation to the rest of the car when it's on an LX, imo.

  8. I was just bustin your balls. The rub strips just look a little stained :shrug:

    As for the grill and spoiler idea I think both would be a great addition to that car :hail2:
  10. Meh im still up in the Air. I do like the stock grill insert, and i'm a hugeeee fan of the Cobra Spoiler.

    Laser - i know your only bustin haha! :) I think that a cobra spoiler would set it off. Still unsure about the grill insert but i'm definitely leaning towards the cobra spoiler

    SScobra - i do like that spoiler in that pic, however i do not have access to a welder and i don't want to ghetto up the holes left by the LX wing so it would be hard to get a wing like that for me anyways. it is banging though!!!

    Ryan - thats pretty sweet. I had wanted a new edge alot, and after selling my coupe i told myself i would never get another. Ended up selling some of my special fox tools and my code reader and stuff. And look at what happened, i got another! This one is with me for good,, unless some sick deal came around for a Terminator, in which case i'd sell for that :)
  11. Foxes are addictive. You are never done with them. haha.

    A Cobra spoiler would be sweet on that car.
  12. Dude i would put a cobra spoiler on that...would look sick man....same with the cobra insert....Your car is mint man....great job ...:hail2:
  13. Where can you find those spoilers these days? Also, more pics of said spoiler, please.
  14. a steeda spoiler would look so much better than a cobra:D

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  15. haha Thanks man.. i'm leaning towards the spoiler at least :)

    I think thats an older model ford spoiler. Like from the 79-82's maybe?

    I was never a fan of the steeda spoiler for some reason
  16. i say yes to both!

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  17. Yea, I know, but I think they are pretty hard to come by outside of getting lucky and finding one in a JY or popping up on ebay.

    Well, if ya don't like the stock LX one, it would stand to reason ya don't like the Steeda, haha.
  18. i say go cobra r haha
  19. These look familiar Justin? :D


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  20. Holy crap!! I remember when you sent me those pics in a PM!!!!!!

    It has come a long way i think.. maybe not on the outside but the side and under the hood has come a long way!

    PS: Laid 2 giant 100 foot long strips of rubber in my work parking lot today :D