Build Thread The Offical 1990coupe Progress Thread

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 1990Coupe, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. Your welcome!!

    Pearl looks great with blue, but some of the blues you like such as Sonic Blue, already have pearl in them. If you go with a solid blue, I would definately add add to your confusion, I saw a brand spankin new blue Cadillac XLR vert, that was sweeeeeetttt!!! I saw a blue Z06 today, looks like GM used the same color on both cars.

    The brake lines...ask 25th, I think he has that setup. I'm really not sure. I would assume that you modify the lines that run along top of the axle housing. You might be able to bend them with a brake line bender and mount them using a custom bracket you could make out of some scrap steel.
  2. Damn with the colors!!!!

    I even saw a nice white color with a blue pearl over it.. Man that was nice too :drool:

    I know i have to mod the hardlines, i just wasn't sure how to mount the softlines :shrug:

    there is a bracket on the softline that i could mount to anywhere, i guess its up to me how i want them mounted. i was just curious how other fellas went about mounting them with there rear disc swaps.
  3. Oh yeah...the bracket on the rubber brake line, just mount that to the frame rail. I did that with Hack Job. I just drilled small pilot hole in the frame rail, then ran a sheet metal screw through the bracket, just like the factory 94-04's are mounted. You will just have to mock that up once the rear end is installed, the springs are installed and the exhaust. I mounted mine before the exhaust, then had to redo them once the tail got mounted. You'll get it. Don't sweat anything. :D
  4. OHHHHHHHH so what you are saying is, the original softline running to the rear end, then running to hardlines along the housing to the Drum i will no longer use, and i'll mod the hardlines on the CAR like this picture perhaps?

  5. Mostly correct. You will mount the soft lines on the rail like the above pic. But the Fox body doesn't have hardlines on both ends, it just has hard lines on the passenger side. So, you still might have to run the ones on the axle, but just modify or lengthen them with some fittings. This is my guess, though, I think 25th has your same setup you're installing.
  6. I have the SN95 set up. Mine were mounted to the Lower Control arm, shock bracket. Here are the terrible pics I grabbed. Remember it's dark under there, and my cell phone isn't the latest and greatest thing, so the pictures it takes arent great. Hope it does help though.

  7. *Head turns at weird angles to figure out pics* :D
  8. Thanks 25th!!! I think i understand how you have it. So you kept your stock hardlines over the rearend, and just cut the end and put an adapter so it would mate to the softline. The soft line you used the bracket that holds the shock in.. I will have to mess with it tomorrow morning before work. I got all the brakes painted up tonight so no really good progress/pics.

    Tomorrow i won't be home either (going to fiance's) so no more progress until thursday evening. :)
  9. Not sure why they are sideways, should have turned them...

    I don't even remember doing a new adapter, just drilled holes in the shock/control arm bracket, and put it in. Im pretty sure the soft Sn and hard fox lines mated up fine out back.
  10. 1990Coupe---You gotta get those caliper pics up, if they are painted...hehe I am just about to leave for work, so when I get back, I will see if I have time to visit SN inbetween deliveries. IF not.....I'll be on after 5 to check 'em out!
  11. Its ok i saved them and turned them in my computer so i could see it at the right angle. I was just a little confused becuase there is a hardline coming off the caliper that runs to a soft line, i guess i could make a circle and connect it to the hardline on the rear end. However - the hardlines on the rear were friggen welded to the drum brakes so i cut them. I'm just going to pick up an adapter and flare tool an put a new end on the old hard lines. The NRC brackets came with adapters for the rear brakes but they don't work they are too big.

    dude.... I didn't read this in time, i didnt take pics yet and im already at work :( Pics will be up tomorrow after work. :nice:
  12.'s okay bro, I'll wait patiently!!! :D
  13. Comming along great mang :cheers: Wish there was more of you guys arond here. Id love to go for a nice cruise with some hot stangs that are on here. Kevin and some other Termi guys get together up in Plano but I see a Termi every day, its the sweet foxes that I never get to see in person :(
  14. Clean foxes are getting rare, trust me we were looking to buy one for 3-4 weeks, and we were searching a 7 state range.
  15. Thats my plan - build a NICE, CLEAN fox i can drive and enjoy for years to come!! :D :nice:
  16. That is what I did. Nothing major fast and wicked, just nice, stockish, clean, reliable and badass a stockish form...:D

    Make sure you keep that baby in the garage at all times!
  17. Oh i will!!! I got a message from my brother, looks like the exhaust arrived :banana: pics tonight when i get home of that, and the painted calipers!
  18. Yeeeeaaaaahh!!! That is badass!! Exhaust?? didn't tell me about waht kind of exhaust???:D:D:D

    Do tell...
  19. For now - BBK shorties to a BBK catted X pipe, to MAC dumps.. Got the MAC dumps CHEAP from the classifieds (still waiting delivery). Eventually i will most definatly want tips cause i love that look, but for now it will do :nice: