Progress Thread The Only Part Of A Chevy You Don't Have To Tow (until Now), Into An Sn95.

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  1. Glad you got it all figured out. So now you have more time to work on mine. I hear it will only be 109 Saturday so you should come by.
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  2. I forgot to mention my realization during my gear swap.
    My rear end is in no way up to snuff for a 4700 rpm transbrake radial launch. I really expect this thing to 60' well and unfortunately I found my weak link.
    28 spline (supposed) moser axles, c clips and a mini spool in the stock carrier.
    I have little faith.
    Going to price out some 31s, a full spool and 9" ends but it's not the smallest of undertakings and I currently lack the energy and will power. Plus I'm positive my girlfriend will kill me so I'll have to sneak it little by little.
  3. She's gonna kill you because it takes time away from her?
    She's gonna kill you because it takes money away from her?

    If you are going to put a full spool in the thing, you may as well upgrade the axle to at least a 33/35 spline. I don't think it costs anymore between a custom 31 and that. I bought custom hardened 28 splines for mine that cost just a tick shy of 300.00 for the set w/ studs and bearings.
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  4. We're house shopping pretty heavily these days, so I waved the white flag on car building for a little bit. Realistically we're 6-12 months from making any moves so I'm sure I can smuggle in some parts :D
    I don't know why the hell the guy paid for hardened axles and then left c clips and stock spline count.
    I don't remember the ET where c clips aren't allowed but I think it's in the 12-13second range.
    I haven't priced it all yet, so I'd imagine you're right Mike.
  5. I did the same thing. Custom axles cut for C clips, made in a 28 spline count.

    I did it because I have a street car. 28 spline Moser axles will always be more than I'll ever need.

    ( It'll have to wait till the next guy buys it and after HE turns it into a drag car, He can get on here and post the "I don't know why the hell the guy paid for hardened stock spline count C clip axles")
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  6. On a side note. I may have just purchased a second SN95 roller car.
    Why? I'm not sure. I think because it's shiney and I have a child's attention span
  7. So much for your "I'm sure I can smuggle in some parts"statement,..............How do you "smuggle" a non-running car past your GF?......she blind?
  8. Haha she showed her displeasure quickly and the guy ended up being 2 hours further away than the ad showed. No bueno. Car was $2,000 and had a $1,500 set of wheels/tires on it so I figured why not

    Just because I've been locked down doesn't mean I can't rattle the cage!
  9. Here, this will help you make more noise.
  10. Your ad is EXACTLY why I hate selling stuff.

    Them: "Dude where do you come up with this number?"
    Me: "Have you ever actually tried to build a car?"
    Them: "yes" or "no"
    Me: Well then you're an idiot for just expecting me to give stuff away at pennies on the dollar. I'm not coming down to $3,500 on a $7,000 tag with $10,000 invested.

    ....No reply.

    Rinse, repeat.

    I blame people who give their sh1t away for a quick sale causing people to think that everything should be given away regardless of the circumstance.
  11. Naaww, I take issue with that.

    It has always been .50c on a dollar invested in a car when it comes to selling/buying a "modified" car.

    Who's to say whether or not the sellers version of "I built it myself" isn't gonna mean I'm not gonna have to tear it all apart because of that?

    The only modified cars fetching waay more money than what that are the ones built by a pro-shop for a deep pocket owner. But if you are lucky enough to be around when the deep pocket owner sells his project,...........
    HALF,... EDDIE!!!

    The guy talking is the "Butcher". Charged dude over 100k.

    He was trying to sell it for about 50k when last I ck'd.

    How much of that "custom" work would you have to undo?
  12. Haha I typed about 20 responses before I decided to behave. I'd love to have as little money in the car as that guy seems to think.
    I started a few grand higher than I'd like to get out of it. Which I thought was common sense.
    But apparently the new selling price formula is... investment/2-$2000= "What's your bottom dollar? I've got a 4 wheeler"
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  13. So in a twist of events I'm not selling the car. I am, however, tearing it completely apart again.
    Going to swap my swap into a new chassis and start this excitement all over again
    Going to pick it up Monday morning
  14. You have a disease.
  15. My name is Tanner and I have a problem.

    I've justified it by the money I'll get back from the sn95 but that's truly going to amount to nothing so it is what it is.
    Hey at least it's not the "ugly" body style anymore maybe I'll finally get some love
  16. As long as there's an LS in there you can expect the usual.
  17. I'll survive I suppose. Pretty excited about it either way
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  18. Just look back at your replies, If it weren't for me and your pal Ol Blue,...the only "non-tech" comments made would be made by the power of the minds of the offended silent lurkers.

    AS you now have a Fox body that you can uhhh..........."modify", I expect you'll offend an even higher percentage of them now.

    Maybe that'll get them motivated to speak:shrug:

    Can't say honestly that I won't be one of them,'s one thing to modify a car that really isn't popular.
    (like a Fairmont, or a early SN95).........
    It's another thing when you do it to such a nice notch.
    I'd say that around here, that puts you just about one step above child molester.
  19. Yeah I debated starting another progress thread because I really enjoy the feedback and just getting to show folks what you're up to. But opinions like that are why I probably wont.
    Agree to disagree I guess.