Tri-ax vs. Pro 5.0 vs. MGW on a T5

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  1. :eek: makes you wanna hack the PO like they did your car :mad:
  2. I have a Steeda Tri Ax in my 03, and the MGW in my 95 GTS. The MGW is by far the better of the 2. Ive never used a Pro 5.0, so I have nothing to compare it to.
  3. Proper way to fix it is to get the small metal hump installed on manual transmission cars and tack weld ot to the trans hump.

    If youmgo to a junkyard and yank the console off a manual trans car, you'll see a small plate welded on the tunnel over the shifter holes that only comes on manual trans cars.

    95% of 5 spd swap guys don't install this plate...myself included.

    To fix without the plate, tin snips to clean it up a bit :shrug:
  4. stock 4l60e swap ftw
  5. Not sure what you mean by the small metal hump... so without this plate, I'm getting more heat into the engine bay right? Don't mind the noise, just the heat.

  6. No, it just allows the gold inner shifter seal to sit a little higher and seal better.

    I'm trying like heell to find a picture online.
  7. I bought an mgw its quality but thier company is not, customer service sucks, the innner dust boot tore after 2 days. Also when i ordered everything through next day shipping and got it about 5 days later i was kinda sour. so aside from all of that great shifter terribly ran company. Based on how many friends of my have hurst and pro 5.0 i think ill be investing in one of those next time. Glad i kept my stock shifter if i ever go to sell my hatch.
  8. Mike have fun I was trying to find a pic also. I had one but the link is dead it showed the diff. between the manual and auto hump.I loved using that one, damn broken link.

    No.11 the manuals has a small raised hump the rear of the shifter hole stepped up more than the auto's which where more flat..this is the best I can describe w/o a pic. The PO went a little over board on the trimming, you could use some sheetmetal to close it up some, paint the sheetmetal and use some stainless rivets if you can't weld or don't want to. want brand shifter is the other guy selling? MGW is worth the wait IMHO.
  9. the other shifter is also mgw
  10. ohh. then call them and cancel the order, should be no problem it's not a custom ordered piece.
  11. @itzfox69 you are totally right. their customer service so far has been abysmal. I haven't been able to get a hold of them over phone. their answering machine picks up and says they will reopen on January 3rd... this is during the business hours posted on their site.

    I still want one.
  12. after doing a bit of stalkerish research including looking up MGW president's office number in a medical center where he works, I found that georgia is apparently being hit with bad weather and a lot of places are closed. my apologies mgw for getting a little crazy and calling your service bad.
  13. Yeeaaa.. prolly should have kept that to yourself. a little on the catching a charge side.
  14. hahaha well it was all for business. I wasnt trying to threaten him or anything lol. just want to make sure my order is cancelled so I can save money and get this mgw shifter someone is gonna sell me.
  15. hahaha well it was all for business. I wasnt trying to threaten him or anything lol. just want to make sure my order is cancelled so I can save money and get this mgw shifter someone is gonna sell me.
  16. Yeah they don't know how to deal with snow in georgia. Probably all huddled up inside with a weeks worth of canned foods and water.

    Storms heading my way. 12-18" of snow forecast and I've got a full tank of gas ready for some AWD drifting :)
  17. pics from another forum of the snow in atlanta :rlaugh:


  18. Crazy looking at other parts of the country and how snow effects them, that is a damn dusting up here. We get 10" of snow and your butt still better be at work in the morning :D. The morning commute up here is going to be at the roughest part of the storm and my wife still needs to be at work at the hospital in the a.m.. I'll be driving her to work in the old 4 wheel drive sipping warm coffee :nice:
  19. LMFAO, it's so hilarious to see the mess when people can't drive in an inch of snow. Hate to see them up where I am.