Tri-ax vs. Pro 5.0 vs. MGW on a T5

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  1. hahaha wow I hope it never snows in LA or us non AWDers are not gonna be happy campers. I should get the STi I've been dreaming of hehehe

    Good news:

    MGW is back and my order is cancelled. I can go pick up the shifter now with peace of mind that I won't spend on two shifters. :) but I can't pick up today gonna be busy :mad:
  2. AWD or 4WD is nice but is not needed, I daily drive an E46 325i BMW without even having snow tires and do fine. People with AWD think they are invincible, I see a Legacy smack off a guard rail after flying be me tearing one of the wheels clean off. LOL

    Thats great you got the shifter!:nice:
  3. ^^^ agreed... my beater is a 2000 volvo s70 turbo and its pretty much unstopable in the snow. so was my civic and everything else ive owned that wasnt huge HP and rwd
  4. Hey Derek didn't know you were on here, I am an oldie but don't post alot.

    I actually drove (2) of my 5.0 LX's all year round and never had a problem either. One had studded Cooper snow tires and I could blast thru 1ft of snow with no issues LOL.
  5. ???? werent you on racersden?
  6. No, DSBLK93GT on NHTOC, NLOC, Lightningrodder, Corral, among others. And on facebook too (David Soucia)
  7. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok... that makes sense! but yes im here... im everywhere
  8. awesome day. called mgw and cancelled my order. then told my seller I couldn't make it today and that I would get it tomorrow. He offered to bring it to me where I work and we did the deal. Awesome! Everything still in its package looking brand new! Can't wait to get it on... :banana:

    Edit: pic
  9. another question on this... since i want to get that shifter in today if I can.

    I don't have the lower shift boot that comes oem. will MGW's dust boot suffice or do I absolutely need the oem one as well?
  10. lol sometimes wish I had the phone # of one of you geniuses in here for when I'm stuck. plus I'm hating the previous owner for mutilating the car and removing the inner boot... I should go kick him in the nuts. I know where he lives.
  11. i see you were on 2 yrs 42 days ago lol. I was going to ask how did the shifter work out? I'm going to be getting a TKO 600 more than likley for the 351 that I'm going to build. Linda @ Hanlon Motorsports is supposed to email me a listing of pricing and stuff; if she ever gets to it lol