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  1. Hey guys, Dont flame me but I dont own a stang anymore...I now own a low 8 sec 1/8 mile civic...but thats not the reason for this thread...

    I was looking for a thread with the title "2JZ civic swap" or something like that, and it has a picture of a civic with to Jay Z's (the rapper) in the engine bay and a bottle of Naz (also another rapper) in the corner....Im pretty damned sure I saw it on this site somewhere a while back and Ive done all the searchin I can so if someone could direct me Id appreciate it
  2. 2jzfd6.jpg

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  3. always a classic :lol:
  4. So why are you on a mustang forum if you are a "civic guy"?
  5. He might be lookin to do a 2JZ swap with Nas. :D
  6. thats retarded.. 8 seconds is what a fox car with exhaust, shifter, and gears runs..
  7. You've been LOW 8s with those mods???

    Take it from someone who has been low 8s (actually a 7.94) on a set of slicks, it is NOT as easy as you would think! If he is doing it on street tires, he would make a lot of cars on here look dumb!
  8. I wish that was true or Id still have a fox but my '86 was rebuilt .030 over Ecam ported E7's full exhaust, Tremec tranny with short shifter, KC Clutch rebuilt traction loc with 3.73's and it ran a best of 9.1 with good traction...I probably couldve squeezed an 8.9 out of it

    Anyways thanks for the picture, I think a JayZ swap would be pretty gangster in my civic lol

  9. Even if it is faster i'd still rather have my dignity
  10. And thats fine, its your opinion, but saying its retarded even though it is faster than his car by a lot (a low 8 second car makes a high 8 second car look slow) is stupid. I might think its retarded to start with a GT over an LX, they weigh more, thats retarded...

    see how it sounds!
  11. well at first i was like WTF, but i always pay my respect to quick honda's. have fun with it man. hey 25th, what would a low 8 come out to in the quarter
  12. Mid to high 12s.
  13. The mods in my sig could only equate to an 8.7 @ 80mph. It was on all season perf tires, but it did cut a 1.90 60ft. I respect all cars that are done right, and that looks like a nicely done car from his sig. Hopefully with afr 165s, ed curtis custom cam, sfcs and some drag radials she can run 8.0's. I think it can pick up .7 with those mods.
  14. What would be more cost effective for a 12 second car; Civic or Stang?
  15. You didnt tell them the good part how you traded your mustang for the civic, fuggin ricer!
  16. Depends on the owner and what the car is built for... I am willing to bet, the guys I see running 13s with HCI have spent a lot more money than the guy with a junkyard motor swap going 12s in some Civics.

    I went 8.4 on street tires which was a 12.9 @ 108. A low 8 on street tires like said before, mid 12, especially in a Civic which is a top end type car. Trust someone who has been there, lower 8s in a fox isnt tough, but your not going to do it with an exhaust and gears!
  17. I agree. It depends on what you find for how much. A stang guy can find a used blower for under $1k and be in the 12s. A civic guy can do a junkyard motor swap, or maybe a used or homebuilt turbo. If you're talking about brand new parts, it would be different. For a stang you would need either a pricey h/c/i or blower. For the civic you would need an expensive turbo kit.

    Also, like stangs, not all civics run as good as they should. I think I've seen gsr swapped civics in the 12s :shrug: Correct me if I'm wrong. My buddy has a civic with a gsr motor, cams, and a skunk intake manifold, and the thing is just plain slow. It would be a better match for my truck than it was for my car. He can definitely drive too.

  18. is that right?
    so a with exhaust, shifter and gears a fox can run 12's in the 1/4

  19. 9.1? I have very light mods and I got a 9.3.
    Speaking of woohoo the track opens next weekend on the 27th