Twin T57 03 Cobra vs Nitrous, Heads, Cam, 97 Formula

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  1. Video from the Formula guys, I had a camera in the Cobra but no way to upload right now, it was my friend's camera, he should be making a video shortly.

    You cant hear it but the Cobra was trying to honk when the Formula took off way early on both runs.

    Formula has Loyd Elliot Heads & Cam, 75 shot, well his boys said 150 shot, he said 75 shot lol, 4.10's and such

    Cobra is HP Twin T57, was making about 16 psi that night, Mac Catback, XXX Motorsports tune, Hoosier DR's

    We all drove 300 miles round trip for some racing the other night, so more video will be posted once it's made.
  2. Did he get PO's when you soaked the floor mats with blood?

    Good racing, you need a night vision camera.
  3. Hahah, this was before the engine hoist incident. The video is from the guys in the Formula, dunno what they used. I was using a camera in the Cobra that should come out a little better, we will see.

    The Cobra also ran his brother with the 347, Vortech T Trim, NX 100 Shot 93 Notch. :eek: :eek:
  4. Yeah someone is the king of taking off on 2 hahaha. Good vids.
  5. Why put Mac catback on such a sick cobra? It just seems like...i dunno. Spend the money...get Borla, SLP, Bassani, something!

  6. And the winner was ........
  7. For sure. how about a custom 3" turbo back? Turbos need some breathing room, more than any off the shelf cat back can provide.
  8. Or how about race bullets figuring they are the most popular turbo muffler out there.
  9. I find it funny when people critique a cars mods when it can ultimatley smoke their car.
  10. Oh, so I'm not allowed to have an opinion then? My bad. :nonono: :notnice:

    It's like using stock head studs on a 9 second car, when you could just spend the extra 50 to get ARP.
  11. It had a Mac Catback on it with the blower setup, car is still quiet and makes plenty of power now. Maybe he likes the Mac Catback? His Bro's Notch has a 347, T Trim, Nitrous and runs low 9's at 151 MPH with a Mac setup. ;)

    Although Mac isnt the best flowing setup for a turbo car due to the chambers. Car still only has 2.5 inch exhuast, he will probably change it when he starts trying to make 800+.
  12. I can bet you that car won't be "smokin" my new combo in the sig.
  13. Car has made 725 on 18 psi, will have C16 and alot more boost soon, Dynospeed's car with the same turbo kit and boost as he is wanting to run has made 800-850 rwhp on a stock longblock. There is like ONE person in the 9's with an MP70, maybe a handfull more but not many on and if I remember right, that car had nitrous.

    Im not saying this TT Cobra is a 9 second car but will MPH more than enough to run 9's, hell it might run 9's soon if he gets active at the track with it but thats ultimately up to him.

    Oh and if you are running a stock block, your car probably wont run long enough to make the power to outrun this one. ;)
  14. I don't have a turbo anymore brotha, read the new sig :D

    Boss block 347, forged, RHS215cc heads, custom solid cam, vic jr lower w/ 950 carb. Looking to go low 10's all motor revin to 8k rpms n low 9's on the giggle gas.
  15. You dont have a new sig, lol. Sounds like a race car, hmmm, do you have the parts or is this a "planned combo"?
  16. lol ya the damn thing didnt save haha. I got the boss block. It has arp main cap studs, valley girdle, screw in freeze out plugs, chp kit from ford strokers, rhs 215cc heads. I need the intake and cam and I wanna do the rear. And no it is a street car LOL...........seriously too
  17. In that case, my new combo will smoke you, it's a 93 GT, Aluminum Block, twin T76's, 100 shot to spool, big AFR's done up by TEA, EFI Spider Intake, looking to make over 1400 hp, so far all I have is the Steeda Drag Front Sway Bar and Electric Fan. ;)

    Just fuggin with you, haha ;)
  18. lol ya ya pick on the poor man who has dreams
  19. I dunno why you sold that turbo setup, seemed like a decent street friendly setup that could make in the 600's until it killed the block, then all you would need is a hefty sized turbo and a decent block to make some REALLY easy streetable power.

    Hell, Im sitting here contemplating doing an LS1 fox just because I dont want to get a car and get into block failures and everything else. Im thinking of it from a poor folks side too haha
  20. read post wrong.