Twin Turbo Build Progress -pics-

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by OrangeMustangGt, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. Oh wait, im not worried at all, mounting turbos there wont work, it wont boost at all. ;)
  2. lmao.......... :lol:

  3. Kyle, did you see that JMS is also offering a kit very similar to yours now??? I saw it in the newest MM&FF in their advertisement. I'm refering to the JMS that does targa tops, not the chip company.
  4. Dang, looks like FabMaster G should have gotten his idea patented!
  5. wow.......bastards. But on our cars, putting them there would locate them in the back seat..making an even longer exhaust tube...wonder how an 05' is setup tho

  6. 99-up interior is the same as ours so why would it be any different?

  7. No he is saying that the placement of the actual turbos is different from his setup. On his, the turbos are still under the car where as there, the turbos are literally inside the car.

    Any idea on when they came out with that design? I know its been there for a while.
  8. I wonder how they would deal with the heat issue having them up in the passenger compartment? There would be some pretty significant heat shielding to be done, otherwise the back seat area would get mighty hot VERY fast.
  9. and on a vert, the rear speakers are right near there ... :shrug:

    i have to admit ... it looks really bad-ass tho!
  10. Sweet fab job. By looking at the pics, it's hard to believe that this is the first job that you've done like this. I rarely stroll out of the Fox forums here but I'm glad I did and was able to catch this thread.

    So what ended up being the final verdict for amount of boost and dyno numbers?
  11. Thanks alot man.

    When i went to the dyno, my MBC was not opening, which resulted in [email protected] when he let was running away.

    So i took it out, and how it is now, 331HP/380TQ at 5 psi, and very soon its gonna be re-tuned to about the 400-450rwhp mark....maby 10-12 psi?
  12. huh

    what part of we need videos do you not understand...hahaha i know ur busy and stuff but if u get around to it we would all appreciate it....this thread has been an icon on my desktop for a while...checking it every once in a while 2 see if theirs any new posts.....projects like this keep me comin back 2 this board......:SNSign:
  13. i have posted up 2 diffrent vids man, my sig has a link to the latest one.
  14. $200 if u come to Staten Island , NY and drive me around for 1 hour in that thing.
  15. w00t!

    i love it.
  16. I have to admit, I didn't think putting turbos that far back would work well. Looks great!

  17. Sorry to bring ols thread back alive
    I just read in MM&FF about turbos that are located in C-pilars , and i wandering is this good idea ,what about heat

  18. You talking about where they mounted the turbo behind the scoop? I thought the c-pillar was the upper part of the roof line...the part that comes and curves down to the body. Ya know, where the little side windows are.