Twin Turbo Build Progress -pics-

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  1. ditto, man. i just wanna get my $hitty hail damage/paint out of the way. you going single or twin? custom or getting a kit? how much boost are you planning on running?
  2. my point was instead of putting heads and an intake on why not jus boost the motor to 8psi to make up for all that. Instead of having a performance motor produce 350hp on 5 psi, make a stock motor put out 350 on 8 or 10psi

    cheap hp
  3. wouldn't the better heads make it a lot safer? i am debating the same thing:
    1) get gt40's and run 5-7lbs of boost w/out an intercool, or
    2) stock heads and run closer to 10 lbs or boost w/ an intercooler

    suggestions? ideas?

  4. Because i doubt he's gonna keep his boost at only 5psi. I mean he could...but the chances are highly unlikely IMO. I say 8-12 psi is "normal" for street cars with whatever h/c/i package. Pick your poison and go with it. Im sure whichever way you go, you will be upgrading the other as time goes on. You will want more power.

    Aluminum heads are less likely to detonate i believe. And its always "safest" to go with a intercooler and for max hp also. There is the "right" way to do things and always a cheaper route. Option #1 WITH a IC is the right way IMO but it can be done with stock heads. Plenty of guys do it. If the car has some miles on it, i would rebuild the motor and invest in some aluminum heads. Then later i would boost it. Or you could boost it now and upgrade later. Its all up to you.
  5. Just wanted to say, I started lurking on this thread today and I think I creamed myself.

    That is all.
  6. when do we get some more vids....idlin....under the hood.....from the back....burnout...somthin....were all in suspense jus waitin
  7. dude, i'm not even a 94-95 guy, but i saw this when i was clickin on 5.0 tech, and i clicked back , and just spent almost an hour reading your entire thread, and you seriously are the god damn man - i've never seen anything more awesome in my life - i thought i was doing something cool, w/ my new engine w/ a H/C/I thats all chrome or polished al, painting every peice, lol and i still don't have the right to park in the same parkinglot as you - omg - i like superchargers better, but i am convinced that turbos are among the coolest things god gave us - along w/ sex and superchargers
  8. yeah, now that this thread is back up, sure you can get vids, ill get some asap(i know i keep saying that). I'm just having soo much fun driving the car, i mean.... i actually look foreward to going to work now!
  9. DAMNIT i wish i knew how to weld, i wanna do this to my stang so bad, and im not even driving it daily anymore so now would be perfect =/
  10. i'm sure you could figure it out. it is mostly a question of having a welder and some time to play with it.

    i am not minimizing what the FabMaster G :hail2: did, but lots of people know how to weld, so i am sure we can learn too.

    go for it. a mig can be had at sears for a couple hundred, probably cheaper ig you shop around. if i had a garage, i'd get one and play with it after the kids went to bed.
  11. :stupid:

    And another thing, while this is a really cool idea with really cool features(air intake in side vents :hail2: ), it is not a must do on mustangs. We have plenty of room up front in the engine bay to put 1 or 2 turbos. In fact, IMO its easier than to do this setup. Much less piping and much less lines/complication with the oiling.

    And call me lazy:Zip2: ,:rlaugh: , but why was this setup wanted in the first place? I think i recall something about emissions and that sort of thing. And the look under the hood maybe. I dont know...just wondering.
  12. yea im thinking of getting a mig and practicing with some old exhaust piping.....

    The reason i like this setup is the sleeper look though.

  13. yea until the BOV goes vroooooommmm whooooooshhhhhhh:p
  14. huh? it doesn't seem very spacious up there to me ...

    also, i have not heard of one turbo setup in the engine bay that doesn't require removing the smog pump, which makes it illegal in places where they care about that sort of stuff.

  15. The point is that there is room to put the turbos up there. Its not like a trans am/camaro where there is literally no space to work with. Plenty of guys have them up front and will continue to have them upfront. You are acting like there is no room to work with anything. I understand if u cant lose the smog but if u can then i see no reason why not to put them up front. But thats just me.

    And like i said, a emissions thing must be the other reason b/c like u said, that is the one thing that must be lost.
  16. ever get any new vids??:lol: :lol: :lol:
  17. so what was the total cost of the project?
  18. GOD DAMN! STS did a twin turbo for a Mustang!? FINALLY! I have been asking them forever :D