1. Ported stock E7s with SVO 1.72 roller rockers and stock cam.
  2. Cool
  3. Here is my V1 S-Trim.

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  4. That Si is a "mans" blower right there! You have alot of fun times ahead with that thing.

    Bring it on to GA this weekend,, I'll get you set up for a tune with my buddy Jeff at MO's Speed Shop;)
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  5. If I can ever get my AFR's on, I will be looking for a shop close by to tune. I'm only about 45 minutes from you. Didn't realize you were in GA!

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  6. Man I hope so and I wish I could run it out to the Dirty for a tune. I officially have an appointment for Sept 16. That's some sht huh? I'm not sure if I'm gonna mess w pullies and what not now or what. I wanna move on to spreading the $ around on the interior so I may just run er to the tuner as is. But I guess I have a couple months to think about it.
    Ps: before the blower I was making 223 rwhp.
  7. Where are you located? I live in Hiram on the west side. Mo's Speed shop is 10 minutes from me in Dallas. Jeff is the most knowledgeable "Hotrod" guy I've ever known. I feel he is also the best tuner in the area as well.
    He's a close friend so I'm bias I guess.
  8. If you're making 223 now I would guess you will see 80-100rwhp increase with that kit and 8psi. I've seen an average of 10-15rwhp per pound of boost. Take it easy until its tuned. I'd hate to see you create another thread entitled "Blown Head Gasket"
  9. Ha thanks man will do.
  10. My kit put the alternator down low. Did you guys with the up high alts have to extend the wiring? What is the diff between the kits?

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  11. those guys have 94-95 cars that's why . fox cars go down with the kit
  12. Gotcha. Its funny how similar sn95 cars can be to foxes, and then sometimes completely different. I had hell getting the perfect belt for my accs, I don't have ac, so the belt is like an eighth inch apart right at the top of the water pump. Seems to be working, but will probably start contacting once the belt loosens up. Had to clock the tensioner counter cw about 20 degrees or so.
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  14. I'd love a Vortech..... How much for one about and where can I get one?
  15. Cue 84ttop in 5,4,3,2....
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  16. I had to grind down the t-stat housing some to make clearance for the alt.
  17. Pm 84ttop- he's a dealer
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  18. Fram filter and an Everstart- man after my own heart.
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  19. Damn modulistic, wipe that camera lense clean.
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