1. Hahaaa.

    I'm sure the motor is self destructing as we speak due to the frammage.
  2. I know right. I tried.
  3. I know right. I tried.
  4. Sht, somewhere down the line Fram got a bad name. I know a car that went 300k + mi. Walmart and Fram took er most the way. Never any major problems. It now has a fresh rebuild w the v3 and if memory serves she's currently rockin' the Fram.
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  5. Yeah, pretty cool guy, I got mine from him. He held my hand while I was crying about how long it was taking to get to me, and he patiently answers every dumb question I ask him.
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  6. Its doomed. Fram touches your engine and it kabooms inside of 1000 miles. True story.
  7. Ha me too. Same story.
  8. You guys crack me up!
  9. me too poor guy gets tugged in every supercharger themed direction in this place haha