Build Thread Want To Blow 5 Years And $50k On A Foxbody? Step By Step Instructions Inside!

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  1. Hows that alternator gonna hold being next to that pipe
  2. The pictures are a little misleading. It's not as close as it seems. I do have a blanket for the turbo though, and I'll probably end up wrapping the downpipe as well after I get the car tuned and everything.
  3. Shiny, but still looks tiny:hide:
  4. Is that a custom turbo setup or is that a kit?
  5. I want to know now why you orientated the turbo like that could you still put a filter over that?
  6. The kit started its life as an HP Performance kit. I had to chop it up and re-design much of it to work for my needs. The modifications to the kit are on pages 3, 9, and 11.

    I wanted to be sure that the turbo inlet was getting fresh, ambient air and not heat-soaked engine bay air. I also like the way that orientation looks compared to other kits that have the inlet directly facing the back of the passenger headlight.

    I bought a special filter from S&B that has an angled neck. Fits great. Here's a picture when I mocked it up.
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  7. Yeah i figured that was the reasoning when i go turbo ill probably orientate it the same way it looks crowded when turned to the headlight at least i think so
  8. Damn sexy.

    I expect 900+ outta this thing.
  9. Thanks Grover. 800hp is my goal. I'm not going to be running the meth on the car right away, if at all. One less thing to worry about right out of the gate. Those Comp turbos do make some serious power though, so I may be surprised. The 80mm Comp 331, AFR 185 setup that Rick built made over 1100hp on the dyno.
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  10. All through a tko900...

    One thing I do a lot of to stop scratching the top of the shock towers since you'll be making caster and camber adjustment to align the car is add UHMW tape to the bottom side of the caster camber plates. I can throw a couple feet in the mail if you need some....

    I shot you an email ;)

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  11. Amazing build thread! Very informative, especially for what I want to do!
  12. This car is going to be so epic when done. Good work, sir.
  13. dam bro love how u set that turbo system up!!!! just keeps getting more and more interesting looking forward to more!
  14. Thanks a lot guys. Much appreciated!

    The painter picked up the doors, fenders, hood, hatch, and spoiler today. Not sure how long it will take to get them back painted, but as long as they look as nice as the body does, I could care less how long it takes them.

    I've been working on the fuel lines in the engine bay trying to plan out the best route for everything. I think I have it all nailed down, but I need to get a few more fittings to finish it all up. It's really tough to lay all this stuff out while trying to hide everything as much as possible. There are a lot of AN fittings and lines crowding in the back of the engine bay!
  15. Kind of like me i have a lot of wire loom coming from the trans tunnel
  16. Ya know, That's one thing I see more than anything that makes engine bays look tacky. People have fuel lines running around and laying places that make absolutely no sense. Baah.
  17. Yea, I have a 1.5" hole drilled back there for all my wiring to poke through. It's going to make it even more congested! Still tossing around the idea of using a large quick-disconnect connector back there, compared to just installing a grommet and running the wires straight through.

    It's one thing on a dedicated race car to have hoses and lines all over the place, but a street car with hose spaghetti just makes me think the person didn't put any time into how to best route any of the lines.
  18. I mean if you do the connector it will be hard to get the trans up in there my engine haeness is the only thing in there and it came through as one large loom then dispersed after that
  19. welp, i'm hard once again. good job. i need to follow this thread more closely instead of every few months. also, if i ever visit my old home in pocono lake again, i want to come by and see that thing!