Progress Thread We're Back And With A New Project. Build Thread!

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  1. It's been awhile since I've posted. Roger (Green94 5.0) and I just took delivery of our latest project. Although it is not a 94-95 this has been our forum for 11 years for me now. We've regretted selling our 94's and have been in need of project for quite sometime. Well the day has finally come.

    It's a 1992 Mustang GT, 5 Speed, fresh black paint, grey cloth interior, Weld Wheels with skinnies up front, fatties out back, 3:73 gears, cold A/C and the best part is a stock 104,000 mile 5.0. With the great foundation all it needs is lots of parts. Well we have parts galore-GT40X Aluminum Heads, Edelbrock RPM Intake, TFS Stage I Cam, Pro-M 80MM MAF, Scorpion 1.6 Roller Rockers, Tweecer, Suspension parts, Nitrous Kit and more (see picture). Most came from my 94 when it had the 302 in it.

    Pictures are a bit dark. Lots more pictures will come in the next few days. We will also start tearing it down to the block. We hope to get a 11.99 in the quarter when all said and done with the nitrous on.

    Here we go.






  2. Awesome! Welcome back guys! I love black fox bodies. I say keep it old school and retain the wheels and cheese grater tail lights no matter which way the project progresses.
  3. That's exactly what we're doing. The exterior is not going to change at all.

    Look for more pictures the next few days as we start working on it.
  4. Nice project. Cheese graters are ghetto.

  5. When i was younger i loved the cheese graters now not so much... :shrug:

    Nice car best of luck with the project. :nice:
  6. Not on the to do list right now. Getting it into the garage for the tear down is priority one. It may come as soon as in a few hours.
  7. Had the Cheese graters off both my foxbodies the first week I had them.

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  8. Well, one of the taillights has a crack in it so the retention of the cheese grater lights will depend on where we get the best deal. The welds are definitely staying though. The only other non stock addition to the outside that I want is the saleen spoiler, but that is way down the road. The half an engine worth of parts in my garage from the previous projects goes on first. It feels really good to be back!
  9. We're going to do the paperwork in a few hours. Should be arriving at my house today. We will snap a bunch of pictures later and post them here.
  10. If you get another set of Cheese graters, they really should be painted to match the car. LX lights can just be bolted up with no paint work.

  11. It didn't take but a few seconds and the work began.

    The parts.

    Rog running the Tweecer-wanted to check everything to see if ok. Just the TPS sensor is way off 1.2v.

    My little guy even tuned the car with his "CARS" laptop.



    Getting the intake ready.


    My 12 year old getting to do prep work.
  12. We've been working on the Edelbrock Intake.



  13. Because we couldn't leave well alone. We just took off the upper / lower intake. There was a rust issue on the back lower intake. We decided to go for it.

  14. Looking good man. I like the polish job on the intake.

  15. That's awesome rob, can't wait to see it all progress
  16. Good to see you guys back again...:nice:

    Still like to have a Black Fox like this....Gotta have LX tails on it..

  17. Thanks for the replies.

    We're moving really fast but exhausted. It's almost down to the block, couple more bolts.


    Intake is ready.

  18. Looking good! Can't wait to see the engine all put together! Are you going to upload a nice video of it idling and maybe a nice 0-60 vid too!
  19. I think thats a record. Less than 36 hours from buying the car, the motor is stripped to the block except for 1 head. In the 5 years its been since we were here last, I think we both forgot just how brutal working on these things can be. My back, arms, and neck are killing me and I think we might need to get Joe a wheelchair to get him around this week.
  20. No Heineken bottles?

    Good to see you guys back.....nice car, should be cool in the end!