What does everyone do for a living

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  1. was a body double for Chris Farley, kinda out work right now. training to be Eric Bana's stunt double
  2. I work in the technology support center at Travelers insurance. I support 40,000 employees, servers, applications that fail and all that stuff but I do get to go on stang net all day, get five weeks paid vacation (I'm only 24) and there are 8 other stangs in the parking lot.
  3. Asst GM for a body shop...basically I run the shop and my boss comes in a couple hours a week to do payroll and check up on me.
  4. Journeyman electrician getting ready to test for supervisor electrician
  5. Mechanical Engineer in the Semiconductor Industry.

    I also hold a Journeyman's Electrical lisence so when i need some mod money i go install a switch for a few hundred bucks :)
  6. I donate sperm :D
  7. FOR FREE!!!!!