What paint Colors you like to see on the 05 Mustang

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  1. green

    eletric green from an 02 cobra :hail2:
  2. HERE HERE :lol: :lol: :nice:
  3. black of course :nice:


  4. Looks great!!!
  5. Jag X Winner Green Be good on 05 Mustang. :nice:
  6. Jag X Winner Green Be good on 05 Mustang. :nice:
  7. Black works for me... :D
  8. Black with gold stripes.


  9. Lime Green
  10. I'm with this man here.

    Course, i'm a bit partial to vibrant red;).
  11. I like the Classic Colors

    I'd love to see for Metallic Colors, Moonlight Blue, with Black and Grey Leather Interior, Emereald Green with White Top & White Leather Interior (Convertible Exclusive). Emberglo, Gulfstream Aqua, Silver Blue, Satin Silver, Legend Lime Gold, and Mineral Grey. For Non Metallic's how about Wimbledon White, Dark Higland Green, Poppy Red, Zinc Yellow, Midnight Black, Grabber Blue, and Tangerine Orange
  12. Black, True Blue, Dark Shadow Gray, or Torch Red. I think Ford oughta offer a stripe package where you could use any Mustang color for stripes on any other Mustang color. That would add SOOOOOOO many possibilities....
  13. I like see a light blue color too. :nice:
  14. mustang%20color.jpg I was told at the auto show that those will be the colors of the 05. The ones that I crossed out are for the thunderbird only.

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  15. I would just settle for better quality paint, where no one would suffer with flaking and pealing.
  16. As long as it comes in a dark red, I'll be a happy camper. :D

    Racing stripes would be a pretty slick option. If they are painted on of course.

    The red leather interior is also a must. :nice:
  17. Tundra....definitely Tundra
  18. Performance Red or silver with lighter stripes like at the auto show.
  19. I want a Redfire GT with the red interior upgrade. I would also like a black stripe on the lower rocker.