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  1. The wheel tool is a great idea thats probably what I will do before I buy the new rear rims every car is alittle differant.
  2. that wont work my 265s on 4.5 bs are rubbing a little
  3. Ok I have read thru this forum and have a question. I just picked up a set of 14x7 Outlaw IIs. From what I have read the tire size of choise is 245/60 out back and 225/40 up front. I can find new BFG Radial T/As for the rear but can't find anything for the front. Where are you guys getting the 225/40s? And if anyone is running these sizes could post a picture that would be helpful. Thanks
  4. Right, the BF Goodrich site no longer lists anything but 60 and 70 series tires in 14" diameter for the Radial TA.

    They do have a P215 and P225/60R14 that might fit, but since they are almost 2 inches larger in diameter than the P205/60R13 that I know fits, I would want to double check.

    The size difference that you listed would provide a large diameter difference between the front and rear. I would think the car would have a bit of a front-down attitude with that selection. Is that what you wanted?

    I've seen plenty of MII's with 14 inch wheels and 60 series tires, so this shouldn't be that big of a problem.


    ...before you spend your money, I would go through some trouble to measure first.

    Borrow a tire measuring tool like the Percy's Wheelrite, or make a cardboard disc of the diameter wheel and tire you are considering with a cross piece to match the width of the tire. Put jack stands under the lower arm to get it up into the wheelwell, spin the thing and turn the steering wheel to check clearance.
  5. Yes I'm looking for a raked look. In my opion all older muscle cars should sit with the rear bumper higher then the front. Right now I don't really care what brand they are. Not picky on that. What other size 14" tires that will fit?
  6. Hmm...the messages with the 40 series 14" tires are almost 5 years old. The tire and wheel business has changed a lot in that time. Very few low or zero offset wheels are available in the 4x4.25" lug pattern anymore, in any diameter. And the tires that fit those wheels are slowly going out of production too. Mostly because the only cars with 13 or 14 inch wheels these days are very small FWD economy boxes. And 40 series 14" tires were not a high volume item even when they were available.

    I looked at a lot of web sites such as BF Goodrich, National Tire and Battery, Discount Tire, etc. and found the TA Radial you wanted for the rear, but not the front. But you know that.

    Tire Rack and Summit Racing have the best websites I found for tire searches as both will list all of the sizes available in one wheel diameter. Both had a number of 14" tires.

    SummitRacing.com 14 inch tires
    Tire Sizes by Diameter : Tire Rack

    You might just have to figure out what difference in diameter you want in order to get your front-to-rear stagger and compare that to each tire. Maybe you can do it with both 60 series tires. Sorry I can't be more help. I think that these days most Hot Rod guys do stagger with wheel diameters, but unfortunately we're having trouble getting wheels in multiple diameters for our 4x4.25" lug pattern also.

    Oddly enough, one of the tire stores in a 5 year old message early in this thread still lists a few zero offset 4x4.25 wheels:
    14 inch custom wheels - RIMS-N-TIRES

    Coker Tire lists the MII sizes, but don't have any available. Since we are entering "antique musclecar" status, maybe we can get them to make some!
    Coker Tire*:1978 Mustang:*Search results
  7. That just great! I bought anoughter usless set of rims. I bought these because 13" tires are hard to find (and these look better). I guess I might as well try to sell them to someone who can use them then.
  8. my 2cents

    Hey Sparxx, i'm running 215/60/14 on fronts and 235/60/14 on rears with centerline (knockoffs) rims. NO rubbing on either end (except when i had 6 cases of bottled water in the hatch.
  9. Sparxx, I know you were looking for a bit of stagger in your tire/wheel choice. With the one tires that Vamp_77 is using, you get about a 1 inch diameter difference between front and rear:

    Front: P215/60R14 = 24.2 in. diameter
    Rear: P235/60R14 = 25.1 in. diameter

    If you go to a wider rear you get slightly more:
    P245/60R14 = 25.6 in. diameter.

    These numbers are off of the BF Goodrich Radial T/A table here:
    BFGoodrich Tires | Radial T/A® | Tire Sizes & Specs

    If you were to drop the front by an inch (by cutting 1/2 coil from your springs), you could get significantly more rake than you could get with just tires and wheels.
  10. Ok finally got a new (new to me) rims and new BFG Radial TA's mounted and on the car. The rims are Billet Specialties 15x8 with 4" backspacing. The front tires are 205/60/15 and the rears are 245/60/15. I have air shocks in the back and they have about 80 psi in them in the pics. With them down to 15 to 20 they are really close to the top of the wheel well. Questionable if I would drive with it that way. Other than that I did roll the inner lip alittle just for peice of mind. The fronts I also rolled the fenders and had to bend the lip at the rear of the wheel well. I then moved the rear of the inner fender all the way back. So far haven't had any problems.

  11. I have 185-60R14 in front and 205-60R14 rear, wheels from Fox 14x6 alloys , it looks very good.
  12. Here's the pics some one asked for, I've been offline for several months, working and modifying my car, it's all to peices right now.
    The fronts are 155 80R15 and the rears are 265 50R 15, there are no spacers being used, and for clearence I had to remove the bolts from the frame mounted bump stops. The rear is spooled with 3.55 gears (4.11 for race days). The only time I get tire rub (on the springs) is hard acceleration 90 deg. turns on a bumpy road (like from a stop light or sign).

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  13. For some reason the site is only allowing me to post 2 pics.
  14. oh we need more pics if not email me some more. i plan on running the 265-50-15 on an 8" wide wheel with 3.3/4" back spacing.if not the 265 then maybe the the 275. i like the low and wide look :nice: BTW on the front i will be running 236-60-15 on a 7" wide rim and yes my car is lowered.
  15. Manny I have to ask how are you planning to make the front ones fit? 235/60 has about a 1 1/2" larger diameter then the 205/60s that I have and the rub. I moved the inner fender back to the floor board. They rub slightly when cornering sharp. You also said your car was lowered? Then I would also be worried about the top of the wheel arch. Right know mine cleans with no problems but it sits at about stock height and has heavyer springs in it.

    As for the back tires the ones you listed are just alittle small diameter then the one I have. So diameterwise they should be fine. But the width could cause issues if the rear isn't sitting high enough. Without air in the shocks I would worry that mine may rub and they are narrower then the ones you listed.
  16. Alright-I FINALLY broke down and bought the new wheels and tires, well rear tires as of right now. I don't have the fronts yet, no one has the size in stock (165/80-15's on 15x4's), so they will have to wait until next weekend. But, I have the rears- 15x8 with 265/50-15's. I have to say I love it!! Anyways, since there are only a few pics with this size, I thought I would post the few I took of mine earlier today. Sorry for the relatively crappy quality-I took them with my phone. If anyone is interested, I can take a few more with my actual camera.




    :rock: :D
  17. Update for the fronts: My car is lowered a bit, and I haven't had it on the ground with these tires (165/80-15's), but the drivers side will not work without some massaging. I don't have the plastic fenderwells in, when I turn the wheel the drivers side hits on the floorboard and comes really close to the spot welded seam that runs under there. I have this feeling once I get it to the ground, they may both hit somewhere. So much for keeping the same diameter tires on my car. Will be heading out to the garage shortly to drop it to the ground and see what kind of damage I could do, or just break down and get another set of tires..... :Damnit:
  18. Looks pretty good on the ground though... :D

    Definitely need to clearance the fender lips and the spot weld seam-hits the seam on the driver side just sitting still. Passenger still has full movement, or at least it appears...still going to clearance the fender lip, more than likely going to hit there if I don't....

  19. Success!! The fronts are not rubbing anywhere after test driving!! Took a little modification, but no problems.... :nice: