who can relate with me?

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  1. You've got to be kidding me! That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. :rolleyes:
  2. dont hate the car dude, hate the driver.
    they're not all cocky biiatches all the time man. i know GT owners and they're fine.

    but there is always that ignorant half of v8 ego drivers, hehe.

    Some kids actually worked hard to get the car they want. just because they drive an eight cyl doesn't mean their parents bought the car for them. im one of those kids that worked for their car, im gonna b looking for a 98+ trans am once i sell the mustang in a few weeks.

    i'd b pretty upset if some dude told me i was driving my daddy's car or that my parents bought it for me.
  3. [/QUOTE]i'd b pretty upset if some dude told me i was driving my daddy's car or that my parents bought it for me.[/QUOTE]

    :rolleyes: I know that not every body gets stuff handed to them, but around here, it's very very true. You can't say that a 16 year old High school kid saved up and bought a Viper GTS. It's just not logical. It's the reason I hate living in an upper class area...everybody else drives cars that are $30,000+ and I'm here, bustin my hump at work day in and day out to keep a six. It's such a load of :bs:
  4. Unfortunately I'm not kidding. I used to think that there were just a few billy badasses cruising around starting trouble, but I swear man, my typical drive goes like this: Cruise around, pull up to a light, new 03 Cobra comes up and revs, light goes green, he shoots off like I'm going to race him, I start cruising, he slows down, gets next to me, shoots off again. It is so stupid :mad: . The worst dang creation on earth is the Lightning. If I'm even in the vicinity of one of those hillbilly drag mobiles, I know the driver is gonna try to start something. IMO, this problem is because GT's, Cobras, Lightning, Corvettes, Z28's..it's all the same. They won't run another V8 because they know it's competition. They'd rather take the easy meal and beat a six. Like I'm surprised your $34,000 300+ HP car can beat my $18,000 200 HP six. It's ridiculous. I have, I must admit, seen a few people in V8 Stangs that wave and stuff, but typically you get that "You wish you had this car" glare right before they take off in a cloud of smoke. :bang: :bs: :mad: :nonono:
  5. Sorry to hear that. But hate the ricer owner, not the car. :flag:
    I like the lightings; talk about a sleeper truck that can put most people on the street to shame and still hall stuff.

    I don't know where you're from but try driving my car around and see who harasses you more....and it's not the V8's (although I get the occasional Camaro or Vett runs) but it's all the ricetards. Infact it's a daily occurrence, rice is rampant around these parts. :nice:

    I don't know why I'm even having this conversation.
    Don't let other people have such a strong influence on you that you will change the way you think. Peace :nice:
  6. i can see where your coming from that would piss me off too. however i really dont get that around here, lots of kids get hand me down cars or work for theirs like i did(some work a little less and get cheaper cars) but there are a few who get brand new cars from their parents pockets, there are a few z28s(some kids bought their own) there is one rx-8(oarents bought), etc it varies. i get alot more crap from ricers tho then i do from 8's or other kids. also there r probably only 3-4 99+ stangs including mine and even tho mine isnt a gt chicks really dig it, i guess i have it pretty good. the few kids that hav v8 stangs around here really dont hate on my 6 and i give them props for theirs. eh well see what happens in college
  7. If you had a v8 you would do the same thing, i enjoy racing v8's sometimes i get lucky and they have an auto and i get the chance to whoop up on them.
  8. Hey....speaking of fast trucks, have you guys seen the commercial for the Dodge SRT10? That thing is bad.
  9. Seen it at the LA Autoshow, damn things got the V10 Viper engine in it. :eek:
  10. Who cares?

    Talk is just talk, it means nothing unless there is somthing to back it up.

    Anyone can say anything. You can train a parrot to talk and certain apes sign language.

    When people bug "you" about having a six, relax and tell them that they are full of crap unless they want to prove what they have is faster and basically what they have to say is meaningless. Then if they are dumb enough to race you, kick their ass and then still don't say anything. Remain calm and collect. Makes them look even more stupid.
  11. I think its fun. Enjoy it. When they want to run you, tell them to take it to the track. They back down. There moms wont let them take there cars there. wussies
  12. Funny. I dont disagree with you, I just think its humorous how their mommies are against the idea of having them going down to the track, when its a whole lot safer and more legal than having their babies street race.

    Plus, any of those ricers if they were truly fast, or really wanted to pretend hard enough, would say some @#$% and turn down the track because of something like, mustangs may be fast in a straight line, but how are they are tackling corners? Course, then again, even if that gave them a better advantage, saying something like that probally would get them in worse trouble.

    I just dont understand why people challenge cars without doing some research first. Ok, so the imports in fast and the furious were super fast. But they had serious engines mods, not just an indy spoiler alone. Just cuz one import may be fast, doesnt mean your import can pull off the same stuff. Yeah, my 94 v6 mustang is just like a dodge viper cuz its a domestic muscle car, and they're both alike, I'll challenge anything with 4 wheels. :rolleyes:
  13. you just reminded me of something i witnessed a few months ago but totally forgot... I saw a black, super clean NSX getting gas while I was sitting at a light. the guy jumps in his car, fires it up, pulls into traffic and nails it. You know what i heard? a damn fart cannon. I could not believe what I was hearing. a $100000 high tech, super tuned suspension machine and this guy has a fart cannon exhaust on it. That would be equivalent to putting 14 inch rims that stick 6 inches from the fenders on a viper, right? all kinds of people in this world. hhehe
  14. I've seen aluminum wings on a Viper and a C5 Corvette around here. Made me wanna vomit. =/
  15. Im just waiting on the towns ferraris to add chrome fender flares.

  16. I saw one on an otherwise beautiful, black TT Supra. I seriously wanted to get out of the car and ****slap him....
  17. id wanna run with ya just for the fun of it and to see a display of how awsome the Cobra really is. as well as see how i fair VS a cobra in my 6 :)
  18. I think the best looking wing i've ever seen on an MKIV is the stock one hehe. Have you been inside and looked in the rear view?
    you can't see it, they designed it to contour with the shape of the rear windhsield perfectly, its pretty cool. and it matches the curves of the car.
  19. i bought a snowmobile from a kid a year or two back, and he had this really sweet '94 or '95 (i forget) camaro Z-28, one sweet ride, V8 and all...and here i am with my V6 stang wishing i had a camaro like he has, the other day i saw him driving around town w/ an old beat-up honda civic w/ a fart pipe, 4-door. what is wrong with people!?!?!?!, does he need his head examined????

    ok, i get a little worked up, but c'mon, a sweet 2dr muscle car for a pile-o-schit 4dr hmong mobile?

  20. Agreed. I have no idea why this dude felt the need to rip that one off only to install an F-1 wing.... :notnice: