Who would win? Me vs. old school muscle

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  1. Dave his car wouldn't touch you, the big block in that car is running 40 year old technology. Yes they make gobs of torque but run out of steam fast, they do have great potential though. Enjoy your car, that is what I plan to do with the Mach 1, I want to cruise in it, although it would be a "spirited" cruise. Nothing wrong with enjoying the car. :nice:
  2. I think youll tear him apart! and you better do it on the street just for jongo! classic muscle cars were drastically overated from the factory!
  3. My car club has a drag day coming up, I should get us both involved and then tape it :) Then when I stomp him I can always bring it up and piss him off :rlaugh:
  4. lol, some of you guys down obviously own anything from the late 60's, i own a 1969 roadrunner, 440/ mild comp cam/stock 906's/edlebrock performer RPM/750holley/ 833-4spd/8 3/4RE-4.10Gr's,<old speed<

    you guys think a 396 Chevy Caprice (Easy 4,250LB's), probably low HP/lower compression version, is going to run with a 3300LB Vortech supercharged Mustang with Aluminum heads, etc.,,i think your mustang could take it stock, lol, just because it hase a "Big motor" doesnt mean it runs fast, 30Yr old head design, Cam design, intake manifold design, everything comes into play, i mean back then a low 13second street car was very rare, and it took a Big solid roller unstreetable cam, tunnel ram comparable setup, low gears (4.56, 5.13), and some slicks with a 4-spd..My dads cousins 1970' Chevelle SS396/ 375Hp,3spd automatic, *3.23grs(Chevy guys help me out if im wrong), On recap slicks with GM bought headers he ran a 14SEC/ 100MPH--1/4, yeah..you could take a stock 5ltr Coupe mustang, power nothing, 5spd, (opt) 3.27gr, and some of todays M/t's, and eat most likely everything on the street except maybe for a 440-6pack Mopar,(challenger(3,400LBS), barracuda(3,400LBS), roadrunner(3,900LBS), Gtx(4,000-4,100LBS) ) since most of them ran 833-4spd's, and alot with 3.91-4.10grs..my dads Cousins buddie bought a 440-6pak', yes cuda, it would outrun the chevelle by about 4 carlengths in the 1/4 on polyglass 5inch Street tires when the chevelle ran 10 inch recap slicks----------But you should have no worries with that anchor, im guessing its in a low compression,low horspower, small block A-body 1/4 mile time's territory, lol, slow, maybe low 15's without a really low gear....-