why mod a V6?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by big o car 4.6, Nov 29, 2003.

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  1. Damn, you're getting killed. I pay $465 every 6 months thru Geico for full coverage with $250 deductible...

    Glad that I don't live where you live, have your driving record, am your age, or any combination of the these options.
  2. Why can't they mod thier cars? It's about the joy of having pride in your car, giving it your own little touch of perfection. I know I love my car.
  3. Thats dirt cheap. ill have to call them up. best quote ive gotten was from survival.

    Im trying to straighten up my life right now: driving safely and keeping it on the track. but im glad i live in the city at this age. cant imagine myself in the countryside but maybe when i get a family.

    BTW, thats some nice job on your blower. ive never seen so many pipes like that around it.
  4. Yes I'm tired of this thread too. I bought mine originally with no modding in mind. Then it started to happen, I started reading these threads on a little site known as stangnet, now I have the bug. Anyways, my girlfriend just bought a 03 GT. I've driven it many times, but I actually love driving my 98 V6 more. Go Figure. When I'm done this head/cam swap. I should be right next to her car in power. I'm not saying I want my car to beat a GT. I just want a 300+ Daily Driver with good insurance. If I can beat X car at the track, Great! if not oh well I'm still having fun and taking pride in what I drive.

    I pay $1400 Canadian in insurance a year which is like $1075 US a year. Which I think is pretty damn good.
  5. Holy Jeezus, what in the hell did you do to get such a high rate? One of my friends has 3 wrecks and a DUI and doesn't pay that much. I'm paying like $1700 a year for full coverage. Looking forward to a price break when I turn 24 in a year and a half. :D

  6. That's a nice ride you have there. Any idea what kind of numbers you're putting down with that setup?
  7. Hah, ive had tons of traffic tickets, with half being speeding but none over 55. I had a really big accident costing about 3 grand and another minor one. And i live in the busiest part of Los Angeles. I think weve just been dicked around by our insurance company. they basically know my whole record.

    did you guys know that your first 3 years of your driving, your record is erased and you start fresh? i learned that from an insurance guy as i was shopping around. he said that after 3 yrs of driving, you are considered and experienced driver.
  8. I love it how the thread starter never replies back. lol...
  9. I have smoked countless v8 stangs. I do enjoy the look on their faces when they realize it’s a v6. I don’t get the same type of appreciation from Rice kill. :owned:
  10. Seems like there are very few GT owners who even think that maybe someone owns an I4 or V6 Stang cause its a Mustang :shrug: Then they believe that V8's are the only powerplants worth modding :rolleyes:
  11. I'm not trying to start any crap with you man but why do you even consider buying a GT? Its so pointless, why not go straight to the Cobra? I mean, what a loser, why get a crappy GT if u need to put so much money into it to keep up with my cobra. Waaahahaha...talk about losers here, once you did enough to your GT to lower it into the times of my 03 cobra then let me know and we'll see if you're worth talking to

    ***note the sarcasm guys, I got a V6**

  12. lol I know
  13. To a degree you’re right. :nice:

    I skipped the GT and went straight to the Cobra! With 2k invested I’m running 458hp and 488tq at the wheels, with a 11.72 on street tires.

    But I love my v6 also. :flag:
  14. i've beaten GT's, it gives you a warm fuzzy fealing inside, I've only spent about $800 on my stang, and the price diiferance betwix my car and a gt from the same year is far greater then $800...

    It's the only car i got, so i mod it... I didn't have 12to buy a gt or 2 grand a year to spend on insurance...
  15. its safe to say i love all mustangs
  16. congragulations on your 100th post you crazy spammer you... opps i am spamming also... hehehehe :spam:!
  17. What a dumb post. Why didnt you buy a 4 valve, they have more potential too. Why not a vette. Why not a Viper?

    Everyone has their own options when they buy cars, and I hope they all enjoy modding them. What was the point of this thread if it wasny to stir up ****. Did you expect everyone to be like... "hey youre right. I'm done modding my V6 now. Thanks".


  18. he's an idiot thats all
  19. ...

    Looking back, I wish I would have bought a 99+ V6.

    Don't let the V8 guys rag on you, sixers...

  20. how come?
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