why mod a V6?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by big o car 4.6, Nov 29, 2003.

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  1. Its obvious guys...he knows the 6 is faster than his GT.

  2. :rlaugh: :lol: :nice:

    Seriously, The V8 has more potential to it, and the serious hard core gearhead will tap every bit of pony out of it. But the V6 is cheaper and given a few mods can be just as fast as a stock GT or faster. less money+same go go gadget power= Cheap Thrills for the weekend warrior.
  3. I think it's a lot more fun to mod something that's not supposed to go fast. Case in point, that mini van up in the NE section of the US that runs 13's! I wonder how much crap he got.

    I get a kick out of my buddies who own V8 Chevy's and Fords that brag about how fast my ride is for a V6. They always throw down a compliment or two about my V6. Ahh.... Makes me feel warm and mushy inside. ;)
  4. Hey big o ... looks like you're in Dallas with me. What say we meet up and I'll show you why to mod a 6?
  5. i think hell still take you.

  6. Only w/ the juice.
  7. how come he hasn't answered any of us after his first post? whats going on?
  8. we dun did scurd him off!
  9. lots of reasons why i have a 6 but unfortunatly if i had anything to do about it i would have an 8 sry guys. i have mine cause my insurance is sky high being 17yrs old and it would just be huge if i had an 8. second my parents wouldnt let me get an 8, yes i bought the car and i couldve gotten an older v8 with some more miles on it for the same price i paid but they still wouldnt let me do it. finally i love stangs and a v6 is better than no stang and at least i was able to get a 5spd one. so until i can afford the insurance of an 8 and i am no longer livin with my parents i am completely happy with my 6 and ill just mod it until i i can get an 8(whether it be a gt, mach, cobra whatever as long as its a mustang)
  10. This is a bit off topic, but speaking of going faster than v-8's, I was driving back to school last week and now have a newfound urge to supercharge my car. I had my cruise on and was passing a newer camaro ss on the highway and he drops it down a gear or two and just takes off, all the while his gf in the passenger seat is waving bye at me. I was kinda like, "wow, good job. Your top of the line camaro beat my lightly modded v6 mustang." Still, I would have loved to have surprised him by keeping up or beatin him outright. :rolleyes:

  11. yeah but then this thread would've been locked lol
  12. I feel you man. thats the exact same reason why I only got a V6. my parents thought that i would kill myself in a V8. But im still happy with what i have.
  13. Then i think that would be a good race. you guys should definitely meet up but thats if this guy replies back.
  14. No sir, I don't condone illegal activities such as street racing. Only exemplifying ones acceleration capabilites. :D
  15. Besides, just because they don't condone street racing doesn't mean the mods are going to shut down a thread because you talk about having done it. If it already happened then people can not approve all they want. It still doesn't change the fact that it happened. The focus of the whole crackdown is on people trying to organize them on here, I believe. There's probably some sort of liability issue among some moral ones if something happens and someone gets hurt in a race that was organized here. :shrug:
  16. I started with a 1994 V6 after I found I couldn't afford the payments or insurance on a GT. I modded my six like many people in this forum. I did the CAI, the gears, exhaust, etc. but I still wasn't satisfied. I ended up doing a 2002 4.6L SOHC motor swap last summer. I now roll around in an appropriately tagged SLEEPER mustang. I have left the Pony fender badges, no foglights, stock rims, and I'm going to put dumps on the exhaust to keep the sleeper look. I have felt the urge to mod the car both as a V6 and as a V8 and even now still consider the car a heavily modded V6. ;) Keep on modding guys...F#%& the haters. :D

    1994 LX Mustang
    2002 GT motor/tranny
    Moser Rearend w/3.73 gears and t-lok
    Aluminum driveshaft
    Densecharger CAI
  17. lol same exact thing happend to me and my friend when we were crusin in his 4 banger stang. he has a 95 cobra r style hood on his car and we were behind the camaro so he probly thought we were in a gt.

    yeah ne of us who r still in school r pretty lucky to be drivin any stang. plus my car might as well be covered with pink fuzzy interior cause its such a freakin pimp mobile. most chicks at my school could care less what kinda engine is in it they r just like wow your car is so hot.
  18. LOL yea...girls are suckers for mustangs.
  19. cuz i am poor in college..... why did you buy a 4.6 over a 5.0 or a cobra? probably due to money as well... when i get out of school i plan to buy a nice car probably cobra, but till then i kinds like the idea of moding my car, they put down soem extremly decent numbers with sc, head/intakes/cam etc.
  20. My car was my parents car at first. They got a newer 02 v6, so I just took over the payments on my car and thats why I have a v6 and am starting to mod it. I am just playing with what I was dealt.
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