Will Ford pass GM in sales?

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  1. LMAO, and you call him a tool.
  2. Ya know? Funny how he's calling me a tool, yet he's the one blowing up the airwaves with all his double-posts of nothing more than meaningless drivel. :notnice:
  3. Yes I think Ford will pass GM just look at my sig. As far as I'm conserned they failed mthe American people for the last time.
  4. I agree. I refuse to support a company that goes bankrupt, then restructure, and continue to do the same things that got them into trouble the first time around. In the end, their thousands of employees are going to be the ones that pay for the decisions of a few idiots, but it won't end there, because there are numerous other companies that rely on GM's business to stay afloat. GM's failure will ultimately result in lost jobs elsewhere as well.

    I personally don't care what happens to GM, but I'll feel bad for the people who are directly affected by GM's management decisions.

    GM will not bounce back from this. They will fall again. No empire lasts forever, and this is proof in the pudding.

    Personally, I think the majority of GM cars look better than their Ford competition. I think the Taurus and Focus are just ugly, and I don't care at all for their SUVs. I think the updated Fusion looks nice, and I like the optional AWD that can be had with a fairly powerful V6. I also really like the styling of the Lincoln MKZ.

    I'd definitely purchase an F-Series truck over a GM, and I think it's pretty clear that Ford will be adding another notch to their belt for an additional Mustang GT sale.

    On the GM side, I think the Malibu is sharp for an affordable mid-size car, the Corvette is hot, the G6 looks good, the Solstice/Sky look good, and the G8 is just great all the way around. The Camaro is already stale and it hasn't even been on the market for a year. We've been seeing that car for nearly 5 years, and I feel like I've seen them on the road for just as long.

    If I were new to automobiles and someone lined up all the Ford vehicles in a line and all the GM vehicles in a line, including the European ones, I would instantly gravitate to GM's "bolder" vehicles.
  5. I agree with most of what you are saying but one of my reason's for disliking GM lately is that I think Ford's new lineup just look's so much better. Dont get me wrong some of those GM car's are great such as the Vet and Caddy but most are'nr all that special. I personally think the new Tauras sho is a nice ride and I would take the new Expedition over a Suburban at this point. The Expedition IMO just look's like a million buck's and the Suburban look's like a nice Gov. vehicle not to mention better feature's IMO. You mentioned the G8, that is what I traded in for the Mustang it was a nice car to look at on the outside but the inside is well not much to talk about not to mention all of the problem's with them. But I must say that four door Pontiac can really move.

    And yeah I'm so glad I cancled my order on the Camaro before it was built because when I seen it in person I wanted to vomit.
  6. I think we all vomited a little bit when we saw it for the first time :lol:
  7. I got a little queezy when I saw it, but then I vomited after I found out it weighed over 3900 lbs. :rlaugh:

    My wife and I saw what appeared to be a base V6 model today as it was turning into the K-Mart parking lot (imagine that...). We caught a glance of the rear of it and she said, "Ew! What the Hell is that?" I said, "That'd be a 2010 Camaro." :lol:

    Maybe it's me, and maybe I'm warped, but the new Camaro is about as pleasing to look at as Rosie O'Donnell in a t-back thong.
  8. 3880 lbs :)
  9. Fesler Moss Camaro

    Fesler Moss Camaro

    Body kit by Fesler Moss, hoping GM will copy for the Camaros next upgrade
  10. Look's better but I still see the Asian influence in the design and that's what I hate the most about it.
  11. Pretty sure that Ford did the same thing that GM did during WWII. :flag:
  12. They sure did.
  13. When did I say they didnt ?

    Ford Stepped up during WW2, they didnt participate in any other war do to the allegations of That Ford and GM built stuff for the NAZIS. PPL who claimed to have worked for FORD during WW2 in the the so called SLAVE Camps sued Ford, showing Ford Indentification cards of employment.

    Ford said that the Nazis seized their facilities and took them over.
  14. Its you saying GM sucks and you would like to see them go under. Dont believe Ive bad mouthed Ford..... at least in comparison to your ranting about GM anyway.
  15. Couldn't you have posted both of your comments in one post?

    Secondly, didn't you just get done saying that if it weren't for GM we could have lost the war? Now you claim that they were building stuff for the Nazis. You also claimed that Ford said the Nazis seized their facilities. WHAT WAS GM'S EXCUSE? Where are you getting your information, because I'd be interested in reading it.
  16. This s**t is ridiculous. I'm not going to get in to all this hoopla but I will say this. The point of a free market is to let the strong companies strive and the weak die out. You can't do that by putting government money into weak and dieing businesses. It doesn't matter how strong the company once was or what it did for the anyone it's all about what it is doing today. Family owned businesses that have been around here for 40-50 years have closed up. Where is there bail out money? The Obama group thought by pumping money into a business that wasn't already selling cars was somehow going to make things better which is what I don't understand. It doesn't all that did was allow them to make more cars that people still aren't going to buy.

    The government sticking there hands into GM is/was a HORRIBLE idea and will eventually lead to the destruction of GM. At the end of the day we've pumped billions and billions of dollars into GM and what has happened? Nothing, poor sales, poor car designs and and now a national hatred and bad rep to GM. No one feels comfortable buying GM now and thats coming from GM die hards. I have family that has bought GM since they started driving and have never drove anything else and they are switching to Ford and I hear of stories like that every day.

    By the the government taking control of GM they sealed the fate of GM. They will NEVER be what they were and will be lucky to ever recover and become profitable again. I honestly don't seem GM in business 5 years from now.

    You can take that for what its worth. It doesn't matter if GM has been around since the beginning it matters if they are a profitable company. Yes it would be a shame for all the people to lose their jobs but its also not my job or anyone else's job to pay taxes so the government can take my money and give it to GM so they can pay their employees. Thats whats wrong with America as it is we give money to everyone but the people that need it. We would rather give money to a dieing cause or a dugged out mother with 9 kids so she can buy her crack.

    Did you ever think about this you have to take a drug test to get a job but you don't have to to get a welfare check.