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  1. Van those Nittos are oh so nice. No more hop and if I get em warm, just a little spin they are like fly paper and launch the car really good. They have to be warm though
  2. Im glad the tires work good..

    Josh I hate you......lol I am so very jealous. How much did you pick that up for? Im taking it that its your early x mas present to yourself.
  3. Hey Josh,
    Isnt there some stuff mising to that or you didnt get photos of the little pieces?
  4. yea there is some tubes i didnt take pics of
    i have to piece together a maf, plugs, injectors, and fuelpump as they wernt included
    also need some gauges

    i have a 90mm lightning maf on the way.
    going with a svt focus fuel pump as soon as i source one
    and some 42# injectors

    im also planning on having the tubes painted to match the car and have started the process to polish the s/c
  5. <!--StartFragment --> Not a kill or anything. Driving around Madison in my work van today and I see this silver VW Bug come flying by me with DR's on it and I almost laughed until I heard the turbo almost to full spool. Damn that was one fast little bug... and with a turbo on it. Ive never seen that before.
    Looked like a jellybean on ice.

    For what its worth.... went by Kayser this afternoon. The Cobra is obviously gone. There are 3 05 Mustangs on the used car side. Not sure 6's or 8's. Thought I would throw that out there.
    That bug was cool​
  6. :hail2:

    this thread needs to live!

    Hope it wasn't me...lol. I do get kinda cocky with the new motor....:bang: :nono:
  7. Hello everyone. I am new to the site and thought I would stop in and say hello. I live in Janesville. I used to own a 1989 LX 5.0. I sold it five years ago and bought some older mopar stuff. I just sold the mopar and actually found my old mustang! She is sleepin in the garage for good now! Well just thought I would say hi and its nice to see some locals on here. Later.
  8. Teeto, got any pics of your Stang?
  9. Here are a few. The car was owned by a person who didnt take care of it at all. It was in a storage unit for over a year and looked like heck. I did a few clean up things so far but im just trying to get all the fluids and such back up to snuff.

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  10. Well that didn't work to well. How do I get the pictures larger?
  11. I use Photobucket.com to host pictures. Make an account and upload the full size pic there, then put the url listed underneath the pic between the IMG tags.

    It will look like this when you type it:

    If you can't get it to work, email me the pics at [email protected] and I will host and post them up for ya.
  12. hey welcome to the midwest section.

    Hey slowsupra hows east wash been with the colder weather? Its dead here in janesville on the weekends and i was thinking of going out there one of these nights.
  13. well i'm in flordida for a bit but last time i was up there wasnt; a whole lot out on east wsh. just a bunch of rice an really slow camaros. i couldn't hook worth two craps with my nittos anyway

    sorry for the typos and stuff...ive been boozin it up downn here allw eek

    im done cruisin for the year anyway, the day i left for florda my 88 got a crappy knock...not real happy about that but you gota pay to play. gotta pull the motor and refresh it for the new 90 chasis anyway i gues

    ill probably refrain from postin again til i'm sober and back in the midwest :nice: haha.

    take it easy guys :D
  14. Boy it went dead in here again.
    I havent been on in a while stangnet or svtperformance.

    Can someone explain this one. Driving home in the wifes car last week and roll up behind a blue 00-03 v6 mustang outside of madison. He has the pony package and GT emblems on it but he has added and "i" after the GT making it a mustang v6 GTi can you believe the stupid **** these guys are doing.

    I have to put mine up for the winter... it wont move I mean it wont move period. spin spin spin. I have to use my new blower money on a used 4wd or im not gooing to make it. If there is anything between the wheels and the ground this thing just spins, even in 2nd or 3rd. If they made snow tires I might a little chance of traction. So Im looking at a couple of s-10 blazers and a nissan pathfinder 4x4 fairly cheap. Now Ill be able to work on it and not have to worry about having it back together before monday comes every week. I was thinking about a TT 80's supra but I think its going to have the same effect in the snow as the cobra. Some damn nice looking ones driving around in Madison.

    I didnt have half the trouble with the yellow cobra last year in the snow. It moved somewhat better than this one and it had the Kumhos on it. Guy at work said its the power and torque killing me in the snow. Too much jolt for the tires to try and dig in. I see v6 and GT's driving around in the snow like its nothing

    Ill probably take the blower and everything off and take it down to Steig in St Charles Missouri and do the core exchange instead of the KB I was trying to get. I have relatives near Steig so I can drop in on one of our trips. Sambandit of Milehigh Performance in Colorado is going to do the tune but he needs the Mafia MAF extender, 50+ fuel injectors and KB BAP on there before he can really get me into big power. Ill wait until after the Steig port.

    The guys at work keep telling me to trade it in for a new 4wd truck. Not happening, I went thru too much **** to get this thing.

    Hey true blue you get that thing on your car yet?
    Van, were you guys able to get that front bumper on tonys GT?
  15. for what its worth, if you guys want to put some photos up I can put them up on my server for you if ya want. Let me know and ill do her up for ya so you dont have to play with the popups and crap.
  16. the beast is now put up for the winter. I might have it out on some decent days. I bought a 90 Jeep Cherokee 4wd. There went my Steig or KB 2.4 money. Oh well Ill get her there again. Even if I have to deliver pizzas or some ****. All I need is another 2 week work trip out of town to Indiana or Ohio and thats like $4500 for the 2 weeks and Im set again. Im thinking the new Steig port ( he supposedly has it up to like 85 hp now on his newest port) Then maybe ill sell it and the other non needed parts in turn for the new KB.
    Heat exchanger is coming off this weekend (it looks like ****) Hoping to have a new set of red upper pullies next week... dont think ill be able to swing a new 6lb lower until sometime in Feb. A little bit here and a little bit there. For the most part its too DAMN cold to do much of anything.
    Saw a newer model Purple Supra running down Park St in Madison this morning. Looking really good, I think he could have chosen a color other than purple though.

    Van I may have you re-gear this thing back to 3:55 or to 3:73 closer to Summer. Im not liking these 4:10's at all. I personally think they are holding this car back some.
    Got a guy at work that has done BBK LT on a few Cobras before and is going to help me with mine when I do get around to it.

    OK where did you guys run off to
  17. winter hibernation and gettin parts ready to install soon
  18. whats up everybody

    hey all.. just wanted to pop in with all the wisconsinites... i have a mineral grey 03 gt with mirrior tinted windows, and upgraded deluxe chrome cobra rims... so to be for sale..but im in the madison area and mount horeb, if any body sees me give me a shout... aol.. kramR1132



    oh yeah here is a link to my car domain page.. you check out the stang and my 87 gta converatble..http://www.cardomain.com/id/kramerdad7
  19. Should have gotten one. I could have sold you the non turbo one I had a couple weeks ago for like...$800. The single turbo 7m-GTE ones like mine are ok in the snow if they're bone stock. Watch the differentials and transfer case on that jeep. You gotta keep those fluids clean or they will blow up. I work on jeeps with my buddy Correy a lot, and I also had a 99 a couple years ago. so change those fluids even if they don't look like they need it :D

    I've seen that purple mk4 supra....I think it's ricey and ugly. Slow too. :lol: