X is a Windsor, W is a Romeo???

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  1. Alright... this is a continuation on the Recon thread I started...

    This kid has an 01. The VIN is a X. We ordered a engine for him for the Windsor with the 14 bolt valve covers and 8 bolt crank. He pulled his engine and it's a 11 bolt valve cover with the 6 bolt crank.

    Now, I thought the 11bolt/6bolt is the W for the Romeo, but his tag on the car is a X. What could have happened here???
  2. 96-98 have Romeo motors and have a W in the 8th vin position. In 99-00 they went to Windsor motors and that letter in the vin changed to X because of the increase in horsepower. 01 and up still retain the X because the horsepower rating is the same even though they changed to Romeo motors. So the main driver between the change from W to X rating for the engine designation was based on horsepower differences between the 1996-1998 4.6L 2V engine and the 99 on forward that jumped to 260HP. Easiest way is to tell the difference is to count the valve cover bolts. Windsors have 13 bolts and are used in the 99-00 GT's. Romeos are found in 96-98 and 01 and up and the valve covers have 11 bolts.
  3. So what you're saying there are no Windsor's in 01 and newer Mustangs?
  4. exactly Windsors do not exist in 01 and up gts unless they were dropped in there
  5. Hmmm... okie. So they could be either X or W VIN, or all X? W seems to be Crown Vic and Grand Marquis 01+ right?
  6. I know the X represents the Mustang 4.6 SOHC from either plant on 99's and up. I don't know about the other cars.

    Typical VIN


    Position Number

    Position 1-3.. World Manufacturer Identifier
    Position 4.... Restraint System Type Brake Type and GVWR Class (Trucks and Vans Only)
    Position 5-7.. Line, Series, Body Type
    Position 8. Engine Type
    Position 9.... Check Digit
    Position 10... Model Year
    Position 11... Assembly Plant
    Position 12-17 Production Sequence Number

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  7. I was under the impression that very early production 2001 GT's had Windsor engines in them. ( Sept / Oct / Nov 2000 build dates ).

    I belive the X designates the higher HP GT engine whether it was built in Windsor or Romeo.
  8. The 8th digit of my VIN is "X". The VIN ID thing I saw only recognized W and Z or somethin like that. ???
  9. I have heard that too. The only way to know for sure is to count the valve cover bolts.
  10. Dad has a verrry early production 01 GT and it is defiinitely a romeo block. Also all 01+ Vics are PI romeo engines.