X-Plan for 2006 GT

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  1. Please post copy of dora for all to see. This means you will have the first built 2006 and will take delivery afew days before ford anounces they are ready to take orders for the 06. Your dealer must really have an inside line with some sneaky little elves. Do you have a hole cut into the base of a tree to park your new mustang in?
  2. Yellow-thanks for your help. By accepting the car I probably put myself in a poor position to negotiate, but they would have been happy for me to decline the car, and I didn't want to wait for an 06. I also realize I got a great car at a great price, but I would think they might meet me half way or offer some kind of an explanation. They're just ignoring me and hope I will go away.

    How important is the CSI rating you refer to? I'm not interested in hurting someone's business, but I would like it taken care. I'm even willing to pay part of the cost for a new trunklid.

    Would I have better luck w/ ford and what is my next recourse if they continue to ignore me?
  3. I would request to speak to their Factory Rep. Show them your DORA and your car. While Ford might not have to fix it, the Rep might just do it because it was a true mistake.

    BTW, while your DORA shows the delete option, does your window sticker?
  4. So, the people that say they have DORA's, really work for Keebler? Seriously, you say Ford isn't taking orders, but I have a VOC with an order number, etc. for a 2006 and I can call the Ford number and get the dreaded "clean & unscheduled" response. My VOC is price level 615.

    I don't have a DORA, and am still trying to figure out exactly what triggers it.
  5. No, it's not on the sticker. It's on the DORA, my name is on the sticker, spoiler delete is not. That leads me to believe that it was the dealer who made an error--possibly the order was re-entered after I had a copy of the original, and they left off the spoiler delete option.

    Their customer service person has since e-mailed me, apologized, and she suggested I call ford, which I guess I'm going to do.
  6. The CSI is extremely important to me and our store, others dont care, you have car mills that just pump out cars, and you have stores like us that retain their customers and get browny points from ford by maintaining a strong relationship with the customer.
    I have given your problem more thought and am curious if itcould be treated as a warranty isssue. I will try and make time today to stop our service manager and find out.
    Do not volunteer to pay for anything. It is the dealers problem, not yours.
  7. You get the DORA asa soon as the order is pulled from your dealers order bank.
    No DORA, no order.
    maybe it is a regional thing, some regions may be taking orders sooner.But we are looking for thefirst orders to be accepted the first week of august.
    Think along these lines.
    The plant will shut down after the last 05 is built, have a shut down period for maintainance and retooling ( if any ) then will crank up to start building the 06.
    We could tell you we are accepting orders, log them into our bank, issue you a printout and tell you its on the way. Take your deposit ( essentially taking you out of the market) and when ford announces, your car will be ordered.
    I could also tell you it will be sold at $2000 under invoice, but read the archives and see what usually happens when you are lied to.
    Right Blueoval?
  8. I will follow your advice--thanks for the help. Any further suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  9. Thanks for clearing that up, I think I get it now. My VOC is more like a "You're in the Dealer's Order Bank Confirmation".

  10. look to Dallas TX for X plan willing dealers on 06GT

    Most every Dallas & surrounding area dealer will give X plan on the 06 GT and Convertible. Screw those dealers that try to rape you. Shipping to CA is about 600 bucks so you will still save some coin. Better yet spend 200 -300 on a flight & pick it up and drive it back. you will have the time of your life :nice: I did that with one of my vettes when the local dealers would not sell so I found one in West Palm Beach and did the 1500 mile trip back to TX - That was 4 years ago and still the best week off work I ever had.
  11. Hello agin topless, I spoke to my service manager, and he said it WAS NOT a warranty issue. ( read between the lines here ) unless it was documented as damaged upon arrival, or does not function properly.
    Now had there been documentation when it arrived ( between the lines again ) like maybe the underside of the trunk lid had some seriuos damage, like maybe twisted metal, etc: and your salesperson made note upon delivery, they would replace the lid as a warranty item.

    I also spoke to my inventory control manager, who said your dealer is obviously being a jerk, there are ways to correct that problem if they wanted.
    He also sugested you call Ford Customer Service and tell them your story. Demand a conference between Ford, yourself, and the Dealer.

    Lastly ( backdating happens for customer satisfaction )!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Tell that to all the customers I sold who had shopped the Dallas are for x-plan. After much swearing, they ordered from me-------at MSRP.
  13. It is an accurate statement. Same warning as 05, wait on your car to show on the lot, wait another year. Order on x-plan, look for major lies.
    Fact for all who missed all the posts that dissapeared after the crash:
    Demand will outweigh supply, it will be worse this year (2006).
    Lots of dealers will tell lots of lies to keep you in their market, then try and take your money.
    MSRP IS A GREAT DEAL ON THIS CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Today is Saturday, you got that DORA??????
  15. How do you get a dealer to sign the forms for an '06, if they say u can't lock in prices, cause the 2006 prices aren't finalized yet (and may increase a small amount)? My salesman assures me he will honor the x-plan, but pricing is not final.
  16. The dealer cant give you x plan pricing yet, because he doesnt have the invoice sheet. He doesnt have the invoice sheet because he cant get the car yet.
    But he can convince you he will, remember the taking you out of the market speech?
  17. Hey Yellow-Explain your back dating comment-I'm a little slow.

    Update-just got off phone w/ the GM, who admitted that the dealership made a mistake on the order, but said the only thing he is willing to do is get a new trunklid or remove the spoiler at his cost to me or order me another gt on x-plan. He said if the car is not yet titled that he would take it back (how kind of him) and order another gt vert on x-plan like the first one. Maybe I should just keep it and sell it myself and order another one at x-plan.

    At this point would it help to involve Ford? He admits it's their mistake so why would Ford be any help unless as as arbitrator?
  18. Im sorry, but for legal reasons, I have said more than enough on the dating thing.
    If your dealer had any scruples at all, i wouldnt have to explain, you would have your car the way you ordered it.-------------moving on, a call to Ford customer relations may get you the answers you need, and remember this also, your dealer doesnt have to be the one to make repairs. If attourney names are brought up in a diplomatic and polite way, your dealer may volunteer to do things the right way. In todays competitive market, bad public opinion can cost a dealership dearly.

    Consider this-----Dealer A has the stigma of a car mill ( just turning as many cars out as possible without caring for their customers) but sells at x-plan. or discounts into holdback everytime.
    Dealer B is known for great service and integrity,( and selling almost as many cars as A ) but never dips into holdback, and has held tight to msrp.
    You save 1800 dollars by buying from the car mill dealer A. now you are unhappy and they do not care. And what if you have a transmission go bad? do you get the same song and dance?
    Dealer B WANTS to do everything in their power to maintain custome loyalty, they would have corrected the problem quickly, and given you no issues on future repairs.
    So, for the chump change saved, you get what in return? You saved the price of an extended warranty and in return cant even get satisfaction on a dealer admitted screw up.
    Not meaning to vent at you personally topless, just a message for all those that try and beat the dealer, thinking they have won the game--------------------------------find an honest dealer and there are NO GAMES!!!!

    My advice at this point would be to contact Ford, offer them 30 days of your patience, and drop the L word on them, I feel they will do the right thing.Also mention you will never return to that dealer, you want your repairs done at another dealership.And if all goes well, you should have your repairs made within a couple weeks, if not, find you a plaid clothed lawyer and sue!!
  19. Would not the "L" word end up costing more than buying a new trunk lid?
  20. Yeah, I'm not a lawsuit type. I'm naive enough to believe that right will eventually win the day.

    Yellow-I have to agree w/ your logic about dealers' honesty and x-plan. The irony is that I would have been willing to pay msrp. I sent out e-mails to 5 or 6 dealers asking if they had any interest in x-plan on the stang. 3 dealers in the Atlanta area came back yes. I was under no time constraints, so I ordered one. I even told the internet manager that he could sell my car to someone else because I had another car I was considering. He said he didn't have another buyer so he would like me to take the car. The internet mgr has been straight-it's the GM who's trying to play hardball. He admitted that the dealer made an error on the order input, but is unwilling to even discuss something that sounds like compromise.

    I'm patient, but I run a business where my mistakes are painful and get paid for by me personally if they are my fault. That's pretty basic to me. We'll see. I really appreciate you taking time to indulge me w/ my little problems.

    I can't get too upset about it with all the good things I have to be thankful for.