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  1. I ordered my 2005 GT on December 28. Every week I'd call the dealer, find there was no progress, C&U. I was promised my car in 6-12 weeks...

    Called the dealer today, he informed me that ALL X-Plan orders were basically bumped in favor of retail orders, and that any orders placed going forward would be for an '06.

    I put $1,000 down, offered to pay the whole shot that afternoon... I was told it was not needed, the car would be here very quickly. So much for that!

    He is going to try to change the order status to retail and X-Plan me when the car arrives.... But he said there is a chance my '05 will now be an '06... I am not a happy camper!

    I'm done venting now, but just wanted to share this info in case there was anyone else in the same boat as me. :mad:

  2. At least the dealer was upfront in telling you he put priorities for stock orders over X plan ordered cars. That said, the factory doesn't care whether your car was bought on X plan or you paid $5K over MSRP. It's the priority number and the allotment the dealer has that determines where you are in the build "cue".

    Now, I think it's a load of crap for the dealer to charge you more to give you a higher priority number. All they have to do is enter a "10" for the priority code on the Vehicle Order Confirmation sheet.

    If I were you, I'd go to a different dealer....one who won't jack you around for an X plan order. At this point, you've got nothing to lose.
  3. Believe it or not, I was assigned a 10 for priority. I told him that I know they can pull strings and do what needs to be done to fix the situation, I've basically given him till tomorrow to call me with how he plans to solve this problem. We shall see... I've talked to other dealerships and they agree with you, this is not right. I am just mad as hell, I need to get answers!
  4. You are being ripped off. There is no such thing as an X plan allocation. Dealers get cars based on volume sold. X plan is a transaction between the dealer and Ford Credit that allows sales below MSRP without taking a hit. factory allocations are through marking and the regional managers.

  5. If they gave you a "10" priority, then they don't have any allocation. Either way, go to a different dealer. The least your dealer could have told you was that they didn't have allocation. If they don't have any allocation, I don't care what your priority number is, you aren't going to get a car through them.

    I wouldn't even wait until tomorrow. Get your deposit back and go to another dealer.
  6. Dealer runaround

    Yeah, I know how you feel. I ordered my GT on Feb. 9th and still no word as to when I might get it. The dealer has told me that my car may not be built. I am getting my on d-plan. I think Ford seriously screwed up the orders when the convertables came out, I was told coupes are being bumped for verts.
  7. Well, here is the latest....

    No avail with the sales guy or his manager. Basically i'm an invconvenience to them. They dont return phone calls, so to the GM i went.

    He tells me that Ford has bumped all plans, despite me calling his bluff with the info you've given. He said since they fear they wont be able to fill all the orders, they need to make the retail orders before the discounted vehicles.

    He told me that he will attempt to get me a better status than 10, and that he will try to change the order to retail and then X-Plan me when it arrives.

    i know i should take my deposit and head on over to one of the bigger dealers, but i just hate to think 15 weeks of waiting is back to zero, and i might not get my '05.

    I am going to see if he will try to see if someone out there somewhere has my car, and if so, try to get that for me. Oh- he did offer to get me into a V6, because those are NO PROBLEM! :notnice:

    Thank you for all your help on this one people... I've been reading the fourms forever just never did sign up for it.

    While i've got your attention... i want to put 20 inch Foose Lusso's on my 'Stang when it finally gets here... any opinions?
  8. Are you still their "10" ???? If so, then you would be their next to-be-built.

    I have a feeling that someone in the dealership changed your priority since. Basically, bumping you in favor of another customer.
  9. As noted above by graphicguy, Ford doesn't care what you are paying for the Mustang. So, I doubt the Ford corporate execs have bumped all "plan" orders.

    I mean, just think of it. If they started to offically bump A-plan or Z-plan, the union would be quite upset.
  10. Did you get a DORA or VOC when you ordered. This is a sheet that describes what you ordered in detail and the priority code. If you didn't get one, they can jerk you around all day long. If your priority code was a 10, then it goes by order submission date. If you have 5 orders at the 10 priority, then date is going to be the factor. Ford is not going to drop a plan like your saying. Its all up to the dealer to honor the plan.
  11. Yes, i was actually given paperwork that showed my priority as 10. The GM of the dealership is supposed to call me back by noon today, i cant wait to hear his stories this time.

    He told me that ALL plan orders are given the boot, and that he has employees there who had their A-Plan bumped in favor of retail orders.

    His story is that the dealers were given a letter Friday explaining that the retail orders get filled first due to demand. i really find that hard to believe... it's amazing that they can give you all this info NOW, 15 weeks into the deal. They didnt know this before? and why would they not have told me had they known! It took me calling and putting pressure on them to get any answer!

    It's just killing me to know that people who have submitted orders in Feb. are already driving around town in their ride!

    Hindsight it always 20/20, there are plenty of dealers here that could have had this car to me by now. Other dealers that i've called are laughing at this info that i've been given saying there is no truth to it. i work for an organization in NC that has strong ties to Ford (you do the math!) so i am going to see what might be possible from here, possibly someone can help.

    Thanks again for everything folks, i'll post an update here shortly, providing this guy actually calls back!
  12. The dealer knows he can sell the car you ordered on x-plan or for MSRP. Your dealer prefers MSRP because he makes more on it. So he has told you where you stand.

    I had almost identical situation. I went to another dealer outside of Atlanta; told him my story truthfully, and he ordered a gt vert with no deposit, and I had a build date in less than a month.

    I still have no car, and I don't pretend to know anymore than anyone else. But keep in mind that every dealer is an independent business even if they all sell ford products. Because of that every one of them may have different policies and may tell you a different story.
  13. This is the reply I received from the Sales manager at my dealership where I have been waiting 9wks. for my GT.


    Yes, I've heard the rumors & many, including myself, are concerned with the status of the Ford on the Mustang orders. I spoke with our owner yesterday, he is checking with Ford (he is a member of Ford's National Dealer Council) to see what the status is on the orders we have in now and if there is a problem of course I will let you know.
  14. His employees are dealership employees. They would be using the D-plan, not the A-plan. Slip-ups like that make me believe that he is just making up reasons, and isn't even doing a very good job at it. :rolleyes:
  15. Well, here is the latest....

    My order has been changed from a X-Plan to retail. Once the car arrives, he will honor the original price quote.

    He has a contact that he was going to call to see about getting this thing rolling... However he is at a training function and will not be back in the office until Monday. He told me to call him Monday afternoon and he would have an update for me.

    Basically the dealer sucks. i cannot wait to get the car, drive it off the lot, and flip them the bird as i go. i will be taking it to a different dealership for any service that it may require.

    Again, thank you so much for helping out with this. When i called and gave him some of what i knew, he really was thrown for a loop.


  16. All Ford discount plans were given the boot by Ford. I claim a big ole' BS :bs:

    That said, my dealer did prioritize my car when I ordered to a "#2", which from my understanding the dealer can do for special circumstances. I got mine 7 weeks after the date I actually ordered.

    What it boils down to is your dealer is playing games with you. Yes, they want retail orders since they get a lot more profit from cars that are sitting in their lot.

    Now, if what they are telling you is true (and if you choose to believe them) that they will change your priority to something better than "10", you may get your '05 GT by June. But, considering what you've told us so far, they may be telling you anything to appease you (in which case, June comes and goes with no car in sight and they'll tell you to order an '06).

    I'd still talk to some other dealers to see if they have any allocation left for '05s. Can't stress enough to go to a dealer you trust armed with the information you've got from here. There are way too many dishonest, crazy dealer stories floating around with lame brained excuses they give to get more money from people.
  17. X-Plan came through, I just got serialized, 8 weeks to the day!
  18. Rorman,

    Have they given you an actual DORA (Dealer Order Receipt Acknowledgement) yet???!! Not some "confirmation paperwork", but an actual DORA, that's what is important.
  19. X Plan and the replacement allocation excuse

    Here's my story....Decided to replace my 96 GT Vert. Ordered a 05 GT Vert early February from Mossy Ford in San Diego as I had purchased 2 cars from them in the past (both via X plan with no problems). Another reason I went to Mossy is that they are a high volume dealer and have a big allocation. I figured I would have a reasonable shot at getting my order scheduled and built fairly quickly.

    When ordering the Vert, I told them I had X plan. Salesperson said so far the dealer's GM was not honoring X plan due to the high demand, but recommended we place the order with the hope that demand would slow by the time my car arrived, and also that I could convince GM to do the deal being a repeat customer. Having a positive experience on my previous 2 X plan purchases with the dealer, I took a positive attitude and went for it.

    I left a $500 deposit and got a receipt. (Important note...no sales contracts signed at this point...they are signed when car comes in...so technically no contract binding either of us at this point) From there things were going along great. Just as hoped, car got built quickly (3/14) and with an estimated delivery of early April.

    Salesperson called me on Tuesday with the news...car here...come and get it. Needless to say I bailed out of work early and headed to the dealership optimistic that I would be able to seal that x plan deal.

    Well so much for customer loyalty.....Despite salesperson and my best efforts to get the GM to honor the x plan, it wasn't happening. Primary reason was this (dont know if BS or not):

    GM said an X plan deal on a mustang does not count like a regular retail sale and he does not get an allocation back to replace the one he just sold at X plan. As I understood it, if he sells retail, his allocation numbers stay high and he gets a replacment car for that sale...on high demand cars, the pattern repeats itself...the more he sells the more he gets. When selling at X plan, it hurts his allocation as it doenst count as a retail sale with the ultimate effect of not getting a direct replacement when they total up allocations based on recent sales.

    To make matters worse, next thing they showed me was the long list of hopeful customers on their "waiting for drops" list...basically customers that want a vert or GT badly are on a list...call me if one of your buyers who ordered a car drops out and I will come down and buy the car for full msrp.

    So....feeling I had no leverage (remember...contracts are not signed when you order, but at time of sale), and not wanting to start over again given the situation, I rolled over and cut the deal at msrp. Dealer did try to soften it up by offering extended warranty at "cost" ($625 for 5yr/60k bumper to bumper, and lojack system for $500. I wasnt sure whether that was a good deal or not and figured he had enough of my money so I said screw it...all I want is the car as is.

    So...I look at it as a good news/bad news situation...good news is I got my vert quickly and got exactly what I wanted. Bad news is it cost me $2,800 more than it should have. I figure that I cant take it personally, it is just business...good old supply and demand. Ford just evened the score with me for my last purchase where I got the better end of the deal...(explorer at X plan less a 2k rebate, additional $750 loyal rebate for repeat explorer buyers, and closing the deal out with 0% financing)

    BTW....new 05 is a Redfire GT vert, premium pkg, 5sp manual, IUP, red leather, air bags and upgraded wheels.
  20. I feel your pain guys! I ordered my baby on 1/22/05 with X-plan and $1000 deposit. I walked away with my VOC and priority code 10. I was told my car was 2nd in line for assembly. I FINALLY received my VIN # today (YAY!) and was told again that my car was 2nd in line for assembly. What I didn't realize until today is that this means 2nd in line at my dealership. Apparently each dealership has an allotment of GT's they can order.

    I spoke with the GM and Inventory Manager at my dealership and there are 9 other GT orders BEHIND mine. Don't know if they will end up being 05's or 06's at this point.

    The Inventory Manager assures me that my baby will be on the assembly line within 2 weeks and s/b delivered by May 30. I'm not holding my breath....