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  1. The exact price is based off the A-plan price, but for piratical purposes, it comes out to be few hundred over invoice. While a good negotiator could do that good, or better, the attractive part of X-plan is that no negotiation is needed. The X-plan price is fixed and actually non-negotiable.

    The X-plan rules state that for the most part, you are eligible for any rebates or incentives offered to the general public. It sounds like this $500 rebate, if coming from Ford, is only available to members of the 'national quarter horse association' and not the general public.
  2. Not true. Banks will not loan more than the car is worth. I don't know any commercial bank that is going to lend more than MSRP+TLF. That means whatever someone pays above MSRP is going to have to be cash on the barrelhead.
  3. Yeah, and membership in this horse thing is like 50 bucks a year. So i have been thinking of joining that. Hell, paying 50 bucks to save 500 bucks off a mustang? Thats not bad at all.
  4. I agree.

  5. Unfortunately, the American Quarter Horse Association $500 rebate can't be combined with X plan cars. I tried.
  6. The rule is 60 days of being a member before a rebate coupon can be used.
  7. FYI, from the AQHA website:

    The $500 incentive is in addition to all other publicly available Ford Motor Company retail offers in effect at the time of purchase or lease. This incentive may not be used in combination with other private offers. Note: A,X,Z,D plans are excluded. See your local Ford dealer for complete details and eligibility rules. Other restrictions may apply. Must be AQHA member at least 60 days to qualify. Two e-certificates per member identification number per year.
  8. Called the dealer today, he informed me that ALL X-Plan orders were basically bumped in favor of retail orders, and that any orders placed going forward would be for an '06.

    Hes lying...If you have a dealer order number..call him and tell him if he doesn't sell it to you at X plan you are going to sue him.
  9. Well, be careful.

    That would be a violation of the plan rules, and the rules also say that if you ever violate them, you are permanently excluded from ever participating again. :(
  10. The dealer is a customer of Ford, but he's an independent business. As I understand the program, he does not have to honor x-plan pricing. There are so many Ford dealers out there you can easily find one who will honor x-plan voluntarily.
  11. Yeah....that'll put the fear of god into the dealer.


    While I do think it's sleazy for the dealers to agree to x plan pricing and then change their minds, they are certainly within their agreement with Ford to do so. Ford can't force them to honor any of Ford's special pricing plans.....even for Ford employees.
  12. LOL, yeah ok that'll work, considering no dealer is required to sell anything at X-plan.
  13. when I ordered mine @ $200 above invoice, the owner came over and told me that since I knew one of his x plan customers, I would get the x paln price as well. Not bad eh?

    Build date week of 05/02. Ordered 03/28. :rolleyes:
  14. Any dealer who intially accepted an X-plan should honor their oblication to sell a car under an X-plan. Many businesses quote prices and when they honor an offer or accept a promise to deliver they should stick with it. Any dealer changing their mind is extremely unprofessional and shows their lack of business knowledge and most likely will not be in business since word of mouth would be that they don't keep their word on what they promised. It
    would not be FORDs fault but the dealer who promissed it.
  15. Exactly, their dealer is violoating the rules. This is what I would do...

    Go to the dealership. Get your salesperson to say that and then have him gett he manager. Then show the manager printouts of this board with people stating that the rules of Ford are that they could have their xplan revoked. Also tell him that your next stop is going to be to your attorney as you put a deposit down and they are breaking a contract with you.

    Then ask nicely if they are really sure that they dont want to change their minds and shut the f- up. If they say no, then indeed I think you should post the name of the dealer on this site, and talk to an attorney, and call ford.
  16. But he put a deposit down and has signed an agreement with him from my understanding. Therefore an offer was made and accepted and they are trying to negate it after the fact. Frankly they realized after the fact that they got are bad deal and are going to lose several grand in lost opportunity of selling to someone who would have payed retail. F-ing tough. That's business baby.

    If I agree to paint your house for $1000 and you give me a $100 deposit and sign a deal, then I find out your neighbor will pay me $2000 I just can't go and break the contract I have with you.
  17. I would strongly recommend calling up a lawyer. Even if you pay a few hundred t to all the way up to 2 grand, you will still have come out below paying retail. The dealership is screwing you over, and they think they can get away with it.

    I say turn the tables on them and let them know that it's going to cost them a lot more. Lost revenue through your posting all over the internet the story of their shady dealings after you've sued them for breach of contract and ford has revoked their ability to sell any car for the -plans.
  18. When you order or buy a Mustang under the X-plan (or any of the Ford discount plans), make sure that both you and the dealer read and sign Ford's "New Vehicle Purchase Plan/Lease Option, Customer/Dealer Agreement and Pricing Sheet" form.

    Don't walk out of the dealer without this being signed by both parties!!!!

    This obligates the dealer to deliver the vehicle to you on behalf of Ford. :nice: The dealer can't change his mind later.

    It also obligates you to accept delivery within 5 days of being notified that the vehicle is ready (except for good valid reason).

    If you are just curious, here is the dealer's part of the form...


  19. I'm with GT-03 on this. Having the VPP signed by both the dealer and the customer, with the price and terms clearly stated, is mandatory if you're buying under one of Ford's discount plans.

    If you don't have that agreement in place, then the terms can change. Not saying that it's right for a dealer to change the terms they agreed to, but if it isn't in writing and signed by a person that has authority at the dealership, you don't know what terms/price you're going to pay when your car comes in.

    When I was shopping, there were all kinds of dealers telling me that they'd honor X plan. When push came to shove and I asked them for a signed VPP, they balked.....except for one dealership, the one I bought from.

    I can just imagine a dealership ordering an X plan car, getting it delivered, changing the terms they "verbally" agreed to, then stating to Ford that the customer didn't fulfill their end of the bargain. At that point, they've got a unit they can sell at full retail to anyone.
  20. New guy here. I am planning on using the X-plan. My question is, should I use it to order strips and other add-ons like functional hood scoop with cold air intake?