Yes or No: Is Bassani worth the extra money?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Jpjr, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. :notnice: glad you added something worth reading to this thread, that will probably help him out alot with his decision. :rolleyes: P.S.-- think before you type, that helps. :stick:
  2. I got BORLA on my car and I like it very much... :nice:

    The BORLA clip is on a Cobra "01 not SC "04? I think it's a big D. my car sound more mad like Cobra R than the "01! :rolleyes:

    If somebody have a BASSINI sound clip on a "04 or video put it on this thread please... Just to compare both! Thank's... :)
  3. 05 body style

    The 05 body style is the best mustang ever, and I can't wait to see the cobra model. The current body style is old and needs to be changed. The 05 car is better all the way around. It has better handling, engine, frame, body, suspension. The whole platform is better. This car will run circles around the old foxes. You can't keep living in the past, this new retro mustang is awesome. I'm glad you hate it,the more for me. If less people buy the next cobra, then the price will drop, and I might be able to afford one. I'll be smoking those old SN-95 cobra's with my new 07 monster.

  4. Bassani's are the best

    I couldn't agree with you more, BASSANI'S are by far the best. Nothing sounds like them, and nothing is built like them. Save your money and buy the best, or don't buy anything at all. The sound alone tells other cars not to f#ck with you. It scares cars that would probably end up beating me anyway.

  5. Do you have a clip of the Bassani sounds??? :rolleyes:
  6. Something else about Bassani is that their warranty is not worth the paper it is written. Search on Bassani and Rebecca, Bassani's warranty person. You aint getting nothing from her. I have bought three full sets of Bassani for the three Cobras I've owned. I had a crack develop where the baffle plate is welded and it was obvious there was too much undercut at the weld and it developed stress risers and broke. It was obvious workmanship but I was turned down by Bassani and they said there was no need to send it in but they would look at it. I didn't waste the money to ship it to CA to have them say no. It didn't matter that I was a loyal customer. Also, Rebecca is a royal snob and has a very bad attitude. If you buy Bassani, forget about a warranty.

    I just installed a Magnaflow with the rectangular mufflers on a buddies 03 Cobra with a solid axle so the exhaust was a GT exhaust. But, it fit like a glove and I have to admit is sounds awesome. It's not the same sound as Bassani but it will scare the ehll out of most people. It sounds mean. As soon as I do a solid axle next spring, I'm going with Magnaflows.
  7. Oups! That's a big fact you mention... Warranty problem??? That's probably why FORD MOTORS choose BORLA STINGER on a COBRA R "00 and SHELBY special edition "04!

    1-Warranty problem???
    2-Two pieces Borla compare to three pieces for Bassani
    3-Dyno result is 10hp+ for the Borla
    4-Cost... The Borla is little bit less $$$
    5-Sound's??? I think we can't argu... The Stanger's choice can go both way! :rolleyes:

  8. BLACK IS MY FAVORITE COLOR and I thought plenty before saying that ahah, I belive he wanted our opinions on if Bassani is worth the extra money. Well to me it is and I told him. I think the other ones sound not as good and this is comeing from someone who got hooked on stangs simply because of how they sound. Boy Im glad it was a mustang. Anyway, these opinion threads are all useless anyway because everyone has a different favorite, and its only in the "ears" of the beholder. You will never get a definitive answer like, "Borla is the best." That is just not going to happen, and as far as quality I have had no problem with my x-pipe, or cats (bassani that is). They all have pros and cons, for instance I like a flowmaster muffler even though I know I could get more power from a straight through design. There is my 2cents, I thought about 10 seconds longer this time around.
    :flag: You wont go wrong with any of the top 3 :nice:

  9. O/T - Anyone else see the irony in the above sentence? :D :p ;)
  10. Yeah.... I noticed that too! :rlaugh:

  11. My opinion only no.
    we install most major brands,it's just a personal choice on sound and money. I have mac's new stainless tip system. I like the quality,fit,sound and performance.All the major brands are really nice now!
    Just listen to as many as you can first.bassani is a good choice so is magnaflows & mac for less money.
    P.S. Your choice on new straight shot is excellent.
    we have installed 12 on 03 Cobra's all worked great.
    With average afr of 11.4 before dyno tune.Average power was unbelievable!! If ss trick the computers to
    11.4 afr it's a good thing in my opinion. I'm new to posting but i really like this forum even if i disagree.
    Been reading post for awhile,and notice who's opinions are negative on certain products,when the product wasn't even availiable yet! Post like that are a pleasure to read,Never used,tried or even seen.
    Sorry for commenting on subject not in your original post.
  12. Bassani

    i have the SS catback from bassani with resonators out and bassanis BX xpipe... sounds Sweet Love it .. nice fit with a lil tweecking on mine anywayz. To me the sound is worth the money. Felt a noticible power gain also.

  13. I've come across that article as well, but one issue that some people might have with that particular article is that they were testing on fox-bodies:

    Since their test car is a '90 5.0, it may make it difficult to make a decision when the application is a 4.6 ("apples to oranges" argument). Just some food for thought, no biggie.

    Additonally, I have also read this review for different catbacks on a Mach I (published in June '04), it may be helpful for others out there:

  14. Dyno comparisons on 5.0's mean jack ***** compared to 4.6 DOHC's...we respond totally diffferently.

    Anyways, I got my Bassani catback (BX) for $315 + $40 shipping off ebay. The mufflers are SS cores, and the tips are SS. The system is overall very nice. The sound is snarley, almost like spintechs, but racier and deeper. I had flowmasters b4 the bassani and used to live and die by them, but now I am in LOVe with the Bassani. I know its making a lot more power too.

    So I personally got the best of all 3 worlds: I got a great deal, I got one of the best HP makers and top quality systems, and I got an edgy, snarley, unique race sound.
  15. 05 body style is awesome

    The jokes on me
  16. Hello... It's the Cat-Back section here! :lol:
  17. Yes, I think it IS worth the money. I've had three midpipes for my cobra. First one was a used MAC O/R H that was a big pile of crap and didnt fit right or even seal correctly. it *was* used however. It got a 3/10 in my book.

    Second was a catted MRT H pipe. It fit pretty ok, but I just wasnt really impressed with it. It was used also, a buddy of mne let me borrow it for a bit to see if I wanted it. 6/10

    Finally, I bit the bullet and paid for top quality, after the incessant endorsements by some of my freinds whom alleady has bassani stuff. Bought the stainless O/R X from Dugan Racing for 309 shipped. I LOVE IT!! It was SOO easy to install, ZERO leak problems even from the start. Great sound and excellent build quality. The thing is a work of art. DEFINETLY get bassani!! 10/10. I couldn't be happier with it!