Yes this is an actual convo....

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  1. me nad my friend jenny were having earlier.

    Jenny (7:54:05 PM): my dog got ahold of radiation fluid
    Me (7:54:25 PM): is your dog glowing?
    Me (7:54:26 PM): lol
    Jenny (7:55:00 PM): no
    Me (7:55:12 PM): that went right over your head didnt it
    Jenny (7:55:19 PM): yea

    but what can i say she's a cheerleader lol. (no offense if any of you GIRLS in here are cheerleaders)
  2. lol, hey its not as bad as the change from mcdonalds...
    not only did he not figure it out on his own, he fealt the need to post it on the webbernet
    (no hard feelings 97v6silver) we still love you!? in that... platonic way...
  3. antifreeze will kill her dog
  4. her dad was taking it to the er vet as she was telling me.
  5. I think you missed the point 77sleepo

    not raidiator :owned:
  6. Yes...
    But radiation fluid would be much worse. :D

  7. :scratch:

    What's a raIdiator?
    Sounds like some big friggin roach trap. :rlaugh: :owned:
  8. lol, or the metalic roach killing cyborg played by Arnold!
  9. i didn't know they sold radiation in a liquid form...
  10. Yeah you've never heard of toxic waste? There are thousands of manufacturing plants around this world that produce millions of gallons of radioacive waste every year. Most of this is decontaminated, or sent to a hazardous materials plant, but a lot of it is illegally dumped in streams and larger bodies of water. At least half of this is radioactive, initially.

    Oh yeah, Vote for Bush! He will support dropping the guidelines by which they have to clean their stuff up...drill more off our shores, and basically f*** up the environment more than he could care. Of course when he's out of office he can just go get drunk with his daughters and not worry about it.
  11. Vote for Kerry and see the Armies of the United States put into the hands of the **** United Nations group.
  12. lol,
    im anti-bush because hes an idiot, and anti-kerry because... hes an... idiot
    im a moderate =D
  13. ok, how is the Dog?

    (i am anti-kerry because he is a traitor)

  14. yeah i want to know what happened to the dog...
    I don't get how a conversation about a dog swallowing nuclear waste ended up in a political discussion, lol nice
  15. :nice: :nice: :nice: :flag:

    I'm not a big fan of Bush either - he was OK for the time he served, now we need to move on. Just from an education standpoint, the "no child left behind" program sounds good on paper, but try to enforce it so that it actually works. HA! :rlaugh: :bs: :rlaugh: :bs: What a joke.
  16. choo chhooo trrrraaaine!

  17. *****slap*
  18. vote kerry! he will bring our troops back! they will be happy to know he didnt support a damn thing they fought for! (those who make a career of the military, not the draft) also, they will be ill-prepared incase of any military action during the course of his presidency, because he isnt putting any money into the military, thats right, no apache (or now, he will most likely vote something down like the apache or some new Joint strike fighters), no new guns(XM-8 anyone?), nothing (3 purple hearts!?)
    Whats kerrys stand on toxic wate? who cares! no one is concerned with that, as long as it isnt bush! right? wrong!
  19. Wow, three purple hearts. So what? The man couldn't get out of the way of the bullets. Maybe if Kerry's in charge, our militaries will have slingshots and hang gliders. They can drop rocks from the hang gliders while the slingshotters try to hit the bad guys really far away.
  20. oh the dogs fine apparently. they got it to the vet in time. i guess it didnt drink too much of it.

    yeah integraholic i'm gonna hide in the bushes and take 3 shots at your head and see how fast you can get out of the way...ya dumbarse